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Gilles Malaisé

Born in the historic city of Bourges, half way between the Castle of the Loire valley  and the famous Sancerre vineyard, our publisher's Epicurean instinct is deep rooted in French traditions. Numerous trips and long stays abroad (Hungary, Czech Republic, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, USA...) as a foreign press correspondent for "World News Links", "Jane's Defence Weekly" and "Point de Vue - Images du Monde",  helped Gilles Malaisé to understand the basic and extra needs of the most distinguished globetrotters.    

Founder in 1995 of "First Class Around The World" (better known by the web surfers under its less exciting though much more practical URL address ""), he keeps on working his best to make our readership satisfied with permanently updated tips. Satisfied and, we expect, also entertained by the presentation of the countries we are visiting for you.    

You have seen that since couple of years we are not only focussing on airlines first and business class tests, or those highly successful palace hotels tests which bring us more than 50,000 access per week ; we are now also publishing some more relaxed reviews of charming hotels (not necessarily "Relais Châteaux" or "Ritz Carlton"), while we are more and more active in visiting restaurants: from the three star Michelin in Paris, Manhattan, Bangkok, Saigon, or Hong Kong, till the friendly bistros in Macau, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap / Angkor, Hanoi, Colombo, Lisbon, Prague, Budapest, Rome, and many other destinations.   

More than 80% of the hotels, restaurants, airlines, limousines services, cruises, tour operators, international clinics, and shops quoted in our magazine have been  inspected personally: either by our stringers, either by our publisher. The rest of the tips come from our readership.   

Gilles Malaisé is also the author of travel books, published in French language only ("Carnets de voyages": Budapest, Hungary, Thailand, Romania... Editions du Dauphin, Paris).   

You can contact our office from 6AM to 6PM (GMT+7) by phone: + 1 815 314-0474

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