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Gilles Pudlowski

France's most respected restaurant critic and journalist, writing long time for the French weekly magazine Le Point, and publishing now his own blog, Gilles Pudlowski is a contributor to Saveurs and Bon Voyage magazines; cultural commentator and critic; a historian of French regional culinary traditions; and the author of two cookbooks, France the Beautiful Cookbook and Great Women Chefs of Europe.   

Published in the US by The Little Bookroom, his Pudlo Paris guide to restaurants, cafes, bars, and gourmet shops is now available in English for the first time in its 17-year history. The Pudlo is considered by discerning Parisians as the most informed, sophisticated, and up-to-date restaurant guide published today.   

Organized by arrondissement, the guide describes almost 1,000 restaurants in every neighborhood of Paris, ranging from Grandes Tables–the paragons of the French culinary scene–to restaurants that give unusually good value for the price. The Pudlo also lists almost 300 bars, pubs, wine bars, tea salons, and cafes. And–a priceless bonus for the culinary traveler–descriptions of almost 300 specialty gourmet shops.   

Gilles Pudlowski has singled out 21 of his personal favorites; 185 restaurants in settings of historical significance; 93 establishments he judges as giving especially good value for price; and 144 places where a meal costs less than 30 euros. You’ll also find a Listing of Establishments by Rating and an alphabetical index singling out establishments with terrace or garden, those open on Sunday, and those open past 11 PM.   

Each review in the Pudlo is updated and rewritten annually by Mr. Pudlowski. The Little Bookroom will continue to be the English-language publisher worldwide for upcoming editions of Pudlo Paris as well as Pudlo France.   

In Pudlo Paris 2007-2008 you’ll find: reviews of 32 Grand Restaurants–the paragons of the city’s culinary scene; reviews of 965 Good Restaurants & Others–worthwhile venues in every neighborhood; and reviews of 41 of the top international restaurants.   

Short profiles of 313 Shops selling:   
Kitchenwares/Tabletop, Bread & Baked Goods, Wine, Cured Meat & Sausage, Chocolate, Candy/Sweets, Cutlery, Groceries, Cheese, Ice Cream, Fine Groceries, Books, Pastries, Fruit & Vegetables, Coffee, Regional Products, Prepared Food, Tea.   

Descriptions of 281 casual venues throughout Paris (“Rendez-vous”):   
Bars, Pubs, Wine Bars, Cafes, Creperies, Tea Salons, Brasseries.   

And, prized for being the most up-to-date of the restaurant guides, 141 venues make their first appearance in Pudlo Paris 2007-2008.   

Also noted: outdoor dining; open on Sunday; open after 11PM; children’s menus; air conditioning; and all prix fixe and a la carte prices.  


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