General Facts of Pakistan

Pakistan is located between latitude 24 and 37 degrees north and longitude 62 to 75 degrees east.The country borders Iran on the West, India in the east, afghanistan in the north and north-west and china in the north-west to north-east. Pakistan represent an area of 796,095 Sq.Km for 128 million inhabitants (1995 estimate)

Climate :

Pakistan has well defined seasons: Winter (December -February), Spring (March-April), Summer (May-September) and Autumn (October-November). During summer in plains, the temperature may go as high as 45 °C and between July and August, the Monsoon brings in average 38 to 51 cm of rain to the plains and 152 to 203 cm in the lower Himalayan Valleys.

The major cities are :

Karachi (10 millions inhabitants), Lahore (5,5 millions inhabitants) , Faisalabad (2 millions inhabitants), Rawalpindi (928, 000 inhabitants), Hyperadad (800, 000 inhabitants), Islamabad capital and governement center witch count only around 340 000 inhabitants.

Religion and Languages :

97 % Muslim, 1,5 % Hindus, 1 % Christian and several others minorities. National language is : Urdu and official language is English.

Economy :

Major exports : Raw Cotton, Cotton cloth, Cotton Yarn, Rice, Fish and fish products, carpet and rugs, leather and leather products, sports and surgical goods, Guard and its products.

Major imports : Tea, Petroleum products, chemical fertilizers, milk and milk food for infants, agricultural machinery, transport equipment, medecines, iron and steel.

Major trading partners : USA, Japan, Germany, UK, Hong-kong, saudi arabia and china.

Practical facts

Currency and exchange rate :

Basic unit of currency is Rupee which is divides into 100 paisa.
Currency notes of 1, 2, 5, 10 100, 500 and 1000 rupees are in use.
Coins of 5, 10, 25, 50 paisa and 1 rupee are in circulation.
Pakistan observes floating exchange rate system.

1 USD = 31. 48 rupee (as on 1st October 1995)

Measures :

Metric system is being used in Pakistan as the official system..

Electricity :

220 v, 50 Hz AC .

Entry regulations:

Visitors from the following countries do not require visa for Pakistan for the period as specified below :

3 months : Iceland, Maldives, Morocco, The Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Zambia, Mauritius, Tunisia, Turkey and Germany.

59 days : Philippines

1 month : Hong-Kong, Malaysia, Tonga,Trinidad, Tobago, Uganda, Nepal, W. Samoa, Yugoslavia.

Landing permit / transit visa for 30 days is granted by the immigration authorities, at entry points, free of charge for genuine tourists, except nationals of Afghanistan, China, Iracq, Iran, Russian Federation , Bangladesh and India.

Double / re-entry visas can be obtained from Pakistan embassies abroad or Regional passport and Immigration offices inside Pakistan. Extensions in visas for a maximun up to 3 months is granted by Regional Passport and Immigration office.

Health :

Yellow Fever vaccination certificate required if you arrive from endemic zone.
Vaccination recommended : cholera, hepatitis, typhoid and polio.
Malaria risk exists in Pakistan in the areas below 2000 meters, Chlorodine resistant P. Falciparum reported.
All foreigners coming to stay in Pakistan over one year, require as AIDS - free certicate.

Drinking Water :

tap water is unsafe to drink. Mineral water is available at major towns and most tourist attractions. travellers may use water-purification tablets to drink normal water.

Bank/ Business hours :

Bank hours : 9 am - 1 pm Sunday to thursday and 11 am on saturday. Special hours during Ramadan (fasting month).

Government Offices : 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm Sunday to Thursday throughout the year. Friday and saturday : Holiday.

Commercial offices : same as government offices but on saturdays - open from 9 am to 1 pm.

What to wear :

Men should wear suit-and-tie for business meetings ans social events. Informal dress for leisure trips. women should dress modestly. Shorts are not recommended.

Tipping :

10 % service charge at many hotels and restaurants is included in the bills, other-wise, about 10 %. Taxi drivers 10 %, porter 2-5 rupees per piece of luggage.

Taxis :

Yellow taxis have meters. Normal hours charge is Rs 6 per Km. extra 10 % is charged for late hours and to/from airports.

Car Rental :

Private cars for hire (with driver) are available from rent-a-car companies and Tourist Information Centers. Driving is on left-hand. Cars without driver are difficult to hire.International driving licence is required to drive.Highways link main cities, China, India,Afghanistan and Iran.

Eating Out / Night life :

Spicy curries and rice, nam and daal are the mainstays of Pakistani cooking. Western cuisine can be found in the hotels and down town restaurants. Night entertainment is limited to hotel bars, discos and cinemas. Cultural shows at the Pakistan Arts Council Centers in major cities.

Duty Free:

Visitors can import following items without duty :
Personal jewellery or imitation of value up to Rs 1000, one watch, one clock, musical instrument, sound recorders and video camera, 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars.

Tourists can export jewellery or precious stones (other than gold) of value up to Rs 10,000 and that of gold up to Rs 2000.

Note that imports of liqor is not allowed. If a traveller brings in liquor by mistake, the liquor shall be detained by customs authorities against a receipt which shall be handed back to yhe traveller on his departure. However, foreign tourists (non-muslims) can buy liquor in Pakistan from an authorised vendor (usually a 4 / 5 stars hotel) against a permit available with the hotel (only for tourists staying in such hotels) or from the Excise and Taxation Department of the respective area.

We want to thank for is great help and information the PTDC (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation) that should help you to plan your trip^in Pakistan.

PTDC representative abroad :

Pakistan Tourism development Corporation, Vester Farimagsgade 3, 1606 Copenhagen V, Denmark. tel : 33-12118 & 33-394455 Fax : 33- 939799

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