What to do during your stay in Karachi ?

The sea is the marvelous part of Karachi. The Aquarium at Clifton has a fascinating collection of fish. Jabees Play land, Funland and Bowling Alleys : The entertainment complex built in Clifton close to the beach provides all facilities. Playland is a hall for the young with various games. Fundland is Amusement Park with Minitrain, Boats, Antique cars. Bowling Alleys provide a 6 tracks bowling. Enjoy water sports : you can skiing or scuba dive, in safety all along the karachi beaches. rent a boat at Keamari. There are plenty of fish, lobsters, coral and shell in these waters. 

Visit the National Museum : It houses good collection of indus civilization artifacts, Gandhara and Hindu sculpture and Muslim art. Interesting illustrated manuscripts. 


What to do during your stay in Islamabad ?

Go to the Islamabad Club, situated to the west of Rawal Lake, it has sporting facilities including an attractive golf course and a riding club where non-members can hire a horse to ride around the lake. 

What to do during your stay in Lahore ?

Visit the Shalamar Garden : Built by Emperor Shah Jehan in 1641 A.D. it still one of the most beautiful examples of Mughal landscape architecture. The garden is in three terraces. Jinnah Garden is a vast garden housing a zoo, quite interesting if you stay with your children. Visit the Lahore Zoo founded in 1872, is one of the oldest zoo in the- subcontinent. The elephant house is modeled on the pattern of elephant house at the London zoo. The zoo house some of the oldest trees in Lahore, which may be about 400 years of age. Visit also the Sonehri Mosque specimen of architecture with its gold plated domes. Wazir Khan's Mosque is the Masterpiece of Lahore, most beautiful example of achievement in tile, fresco, paintings and mosaic work.  
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