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The Best Things to See and Do in Beautiful Sorrento


Sorrento, on Italy's Amalfi Coast, is one of the country's most beautiful locations. It has all kinds of gems and surprises for the luxury traveler, from 5-star accommodation to fine dining, history and culture. Sorrento is the place to be for the discerning traveler, with its picturesque harbor and fascinating historic center. It's also the perfect place for exploring the rest of the Amalfi Coast region, from Positano to Minori. If you enjoy the finer things in life, you could do worse than exploring the town's history, eating at a top-class restaurant and retiring to your luxury accommodation. There's a lot to do in Sorrento and if you're overwhelmed, start with these popular things to do.

Cathedral of Sorrento

Almost every city in Europe has a spectacular cathedral or church to see. Even if you aren't religious, the architecture in these buildings in a sight to behold. The cathedral in Sorrento is no different. It's located on the Corso Italia, the central thoroughfare in the middle of Sorrento. The exterior of the church may look simple, but the interior contrasts with it sharply. Its extravagant decoration includes some wonderful frescos and a dramatic altar. You can also experience a mass in the cathedral if you want to see what the atmosphere is like during a service.

Old Sorrento

Just like many other Italian cities, Sorrento has a wonderfully preserved old town. Anyone who loves to wander and get lost will enjoy walking Old Sorrento's narrow streets and pathways. The area is full of colorful shops and cute trattorias, exemplifying the heart of Sorrento. You'll fall in love with Sorrento while you walk around the old town. Take in the historical buildings, such as the Basilica of Sant'Antonio. Explore the complex of San Francesco to see a great example of a historical church, cloister and convent.

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Piazza Tasso

The Piazza Tasso is a great place to relax and socialize. It's the main hub in Sorrento for both locals and tourists to have a drink or bite to eat. Find a cafe to sit down and take the weight off your feet and watch people coming and going around you. As well as the cafes, there are shops to explore, fruit stands, and horse-drawn carriages that will take you on a tour of the town. If you want to go where the action is in Sorrento, the Piazza Tasso is the place to go.

Explore the Amalfi Coast

Sorrento is a great base to start from if you want to explore the Amalfi Coast. Visit Positano, Ravello, Amalfi and more. You can use Sorrento as a base, or make your way along the coast, booking hotels with for each stop. The region has plenty of little towns and villages to explore, as well as the larger destinations. So you can really get into the heart of the local Italian culture.

Sorrento is an amazing destination for a quieter vacation, away from some of the more bustling Italian destinations such as Rome or Venice. The city affords luxury to those who are looking for it and takes care of its visitors.


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