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Gambling has seen something of a renaissance occur in recent years, the public mind undergoing a huge shift in the way in which people perceive the activity that was once regarded as a vice but that now is seen as a fine, legitimate pastime. Those that enjoy gambling would, in the past, have usually made do with a trip to Las Vegas- the capital of gambling- but increasingly more are travelling to the Vegas of the east: Macau.

The destination is one of China’s two Special Administrative Regions; with a degree of autonomy and as such having a different culture in general, the city is far removed from the culture and society of its bigger brother, having a laissez-faire attitude to personal freedom and the spending of one’s money. As a result, Macau has turned itself into the home of gambling in the East, and boy, there’s something fun for any visitor to this stylish, world- class city.

As one would expect, there’s plenty of casinos for every taste in Macau. For those that love style and class, the Wynn Macau is a must- see. The brother of the popular Wynn casino in Vegas, the casino offers all of the traditional trappings one would expect from a casino; hundreds of slot machines, traditional games such as blackjack, roulette and poker, and all of these catering to those with disparate budgets. The signature shows are what makes the Wynn, however. Every hour, the Dragon of Fortune rises up own of the casino’s rotunda, smoke rising out of its nostrils and eyes glowing red; truly a sight to behold!

For ardent poker fans, the Grand Lisboa provides the best poker experience in the East, partly due to its poker room being the largest in Asia! All of the biggest, flashiest poker tournaments are held at the Grand Lisboa, but with reward programmes for members that include spending coupons and free accommodation, even the layman will have cause to celebrate this excellent casino.

The rise of gambling in the east has had an effect far beyond the pockets of punters. With its eastern stylings and a home grown gambling culture, gambling cultures across the world have been influenced by Macau’s take on the gambling destination, even so far as to inspire the activities of online gaming destinations!

Macau is a jewel of excess when placed alongside the relatively demure mainland China, and as such is a must-visit destination for both fans of gambling and lovers of eastern culture in general!


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