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A top 5 best plastic surgeons in Paris, board-certified Dr Vincent Masson has achieved the highest diplomas (DESC plastic/reconstructive surgery, Gold Medal of the Residents of Paris Hospitals), before training and managing in plastic / reconstructive surgery services in the most prestigious medical structures in France (Saint Louis, Henri Mondor, Trousseau,  Pitié-Salpétrière, and Foch public hospitals). He receives courteously his patients for consultations and light interventions (Botox, filler…) in his elegant and well-appointed cabinet located close to the Arch or Triumph: a stone’s throw from the major hotels in Paris, it is of prime access to his international clientele.

What could incitate a foreigner to visit Dr. Masson? We would say, from our personal experience and from his patients’ feedbacks, that the amazingly natural results of a most basic intervention, like Botox, or more sophisticated surgery, always come with the “French touch”. This is what makes his patients cross the oceans; often coming from countries where plastic surgery is more common –and sometimes cheaper- compared with France. Lawyers, CEOs, models and celebrities confidently visit Dr. Vincent Masson’s cabinet, after waiting patiently 3 until 4 months to obtain an appointment.

Specializing in breast augmentation and cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr. Masson is also acclaimed for artistry body contouring using high definition liposuction, liposculpture, tummy tuck as body enhancing, calf implants and buttock implants. Dr. Masson also specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face: including face lift, fat augmentation, and eyelid surgery. He surprised us, explaining that scrotal lift was the new trend in male grooming, bringing him more and more patients.

Besides his formation, what did we like from Dr. Masson? First of all, he made you feel at ease from the very first visit. It was complimentary, as an introductory consultation; unlike with most of the plastic surgeons in Paris charging EUR 100 up. He is not a “pushy merchant”, but a doctor: which is worth the mention, due to the reputation of some plastic surgeons, paired with the envy of some patients to get always more from the scalpel. Only expect from him what suits your health and psychological comfort: he deontological won’t sell you the extras which would over cost and eventually harm you. Last but not least, he operates in one of the best private hospitals in Paris: Clinique Blomet. Established in 1888 and located amidst a 5000 sq.m lushly park in the heart of Paris, “Class A” accredited by Ministry of Public Health HAS, it has the most modern and performant plastic surgery structure in Paris. A competitor of the American Hospital in Paris, it is unbeaten in term of security and comfort. Patients are of course guaranteed confidentiality from stepping into the cabinet till clearing the clinic.

doctor vincent masson best plastic surgery paris france clinique blomet paris

First Class Around The World: Dr. Vincent Masson, you are one of the top ten plastic surgeons in Paris, and a leading French specialist in breast augmentation. Some of your patients visit you from overseas. For which motivations?

Dr. Vincent Masson: “-The reputation of the French, and more particularly “Parisian Touch” is getting better and better established. Just to make it short, I would describe the practices applied by some of the best plastic surgeons in Paris as affective and trustful. I could use the maybe too commercial expression “tailored make”, sorry for this, but it describes my philosophy better than any long sentence. What do I mean? When the patient steps into my cabinet, by reputation mouth to ear, whatever, only one thing matter: the personal and human approach. Attracted by the prestige of Paris, the natural touch of my surgery, the unmatched security (I like to operate in Clinique Blomet, which is one of the best in the capital city), and the French notion of esthetic, natural and let's say “fashion”, I proudly represent and guarantee the best and most up-to-date techniques in term of plastic surgery. This means: long consultations to understand better the needs of the patient more than his sometimes excessive requests (never to too much when you want to make it natural!), assuming a long-term relationship. I have a strict rule: never be in a “one shot relationship” with my patients. They should relax after the first consultation, consider if they want to finalize their treatment with me or not, then after it had been undergone I have a policy of open door. They can contact me personally anytime: I remain at their disposal! “

First Class Around The World:  You have further specialties, like artistry body contouring. Do you use the same technics like in the USA or in countries proposing plastic surgery packages like Thailand, Singapore or Tunisia?

Dr. Vincent Masson: “-You see, I have expatriates visiting me, living in some of the countries which you are referring to. May I repeat why? Because I DO make it natural, natural, and nothing but natural. That's the point. Together with the already mentioned security. This is what matters. I can't tell you who is cheaper and where, but I think that it doesn't matter that much. At least when it comes to my patients. Their requirements are simpler than you could imagine, focalizing on confidence, and long-term relationships after a natural surgery. We always come to that point. “

First Class Around The World:  OK, so you are providing the very natural "French touch". How does it differ from, let's say, the American or Brazilian touch?

Dr. Vincent Masson: “-I am working “Sur Mesure”! Refusing any stereotype, and adapting my surgery to each very personal case. This sounds like arithmetic: who is the patient, how old is he, what is his physical condition, and also, this is important, what is the psychological approach to his requirements?   I am dealing with essentially different combinations, adjusting my treatment to every single patient. Doing it that way, I gladly provide nice looking results, without any visible excess. Carefully avoiding extra volumes, the absence of expression of the face, and any further artifacts (oversized butt or chest augmentation, for instance) characterizing the methods largely applied in many countries. Like, effectively, the USA and Brazil: well known for the bling “Brazilian Butt Lift” - BBL method. I want to make it chic, instead! And my patients precisely want it also...”

First Class Around The World: Do you consider yourself a plastic surgeon for the elite?

Dr. Vincent Masson: “-Though every professional plastic surgeon would like to be part of the medical elite, I think that we deontologically don't wish to work only for the “Elite”. Do you know who are my patients? You would be so surprised to hear that for each CEO, politician, or reputed business lawyer, I have many middle-class visitors, applying for loans with their banker for some surgeries which can cost from  EUR 5000 for breast augmentation. Which is, to refer to your previous question, much cheaper compared with what a patient would be charged in Los Angeles. I am well known from mouth to ear for this much-demanded specialty. It brings me women from every social classes. I can assure that I treat all of them the same way: “Sur Mesure”! ”.

First Class Around The World: You admitted it: you are expensive.

Dr. Vincent Masson: “-“Plastic surgery” is surgery first. I have never heard of “cheap surgery”. You like to interview me about money; I like to reply you about security. I am using the best private hospital, with the best equipment, nurses, and comfort. Also, and this is important: my patients visit me as I am a reputed surgeon. I am therefore their doctor from the first consultation until the final touch. Which means, and this is extremely important, that I never delegate surgery to another doctor. Never! When some plastic surgeons, among the most famous, sometimes hire an assistant who does the job, I can assure you that I will never do this. Some aspects of deontology  have a price.”

First Class Around The World: One last question. Amongst your specialties, I distinguished quite an odd one: scrotal lift.

Dr. Vincent Masson: “-We are talking about scrotoplasty. Once a fashion within the gay world, this is now a trend for lots of males. Testicles hanging low, or wrinkled, inaesthetic scrotum, have been a long time taboo. Since Georges Clooney openly admitted that he underwent this relatively light surgery, not affecting erection at all, lots of men visit my cabinet for scrotoplasty, vulgarized as “balls lifting”. It costs more or less the price of breast augmentation. Around EUR 5,000.

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