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best luxury first class shopping tips in hong kong pr china
Tips for luxury shopping in Hong Kong 

Though not as cheap as it used to be a decade ago, Hong Kong remains one of the most exciting shopping destination in the world. Local and imported goods, except liquors and tobacco, are tax free. The best three buys are cosmetics, clothes and electronics / computers. Service is somehow tough but always efficient in the cheapest shops; it is remarkably anticipating everywhere else.  

The small shops are still plentiful; though luxury shopping now concentrates in pharaonic, freezing air-conditioned malls where you shop, dine and entertain in cinemas, bookshops... and even skating rinks...

Sales are available all year long, and bargaining is possible in most of small shops: even purchasing luxury items (electronics and jewels for instance). Malls apply fixed price... though all kind of exceptions remain possible in Hong Kong.

Are you adventurous or just curious? Grab you camera, some cash, and explore the remaining street markets. Jumping into the real local life, you will find whatever you need... or don't need at all, but buy anyhow. This the one and only place for unique souvenirs, cheap clothes and electronics. Bargaining at Temple Street Night Market, Stanley Market and Ladies Market is part of the funny  game. 


Duty Free and top-of-the-market goods - what's available and where 


Causeway Bay, a prosperous “City Without Night”, is well known for its shops and malls with the latest closing times in the whole Hong Kong.

Regarded as the a leading shopping area for high-end goods, classy clothes, top-brand cosmetics and precious gold ornaments, as well as dining, it displays a concentration of the most prestigious malls in Hong Kong: Windsor Plaza, Fashion Island, Island Beverly Center, Hang Lung Centre, World Trade Center, Jumbo Sogo, Mitsukoshi Shopping Mall, Causeway Bay Plaza and Lee Gardens.

Most shops in Causeway Bay open at 11:00-12:00 and close at 10:00-11:00 at night.


We like very much Tsim Sha Tsui: a flourishing first class shopping and recreational area. Toys Я Us has a branch in the region, and the Park Lane Shopper's Boulevard is a favourite for women, selling fashionable clothes at moderate prices. Ming Chueng Shop is in the basement: it has elegant brands like Episode, Jessica, and Crocodile.

Covering most of Canton Road in Kowloon, stretching from the Star Ferry Terminal in the south to China Hong Kong City in the north, Harbour City is the largest multipurpose shopping mall in Hong Kong. Famous for many designer boutiques, it has five parts: Ocean Terminal, Ocean Center, Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel,  the Gateway, and the Pacific Club Kowloon. Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Versace, Burberry, Polo Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent and Hugo Boss chose Harbour City to establish amazingly luxurious shops.


Situated on Hong Kong Island, Central Hong Kong is the economic center of HK. This is the place for top notch European (French, Italian...) gourmet restaurants like L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon. Glamorous boutiques and palatial shopping malls can be found in this district. Like The Landmark Atrium Central, selling first class brands like Brioni, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace, D&G, but also youth brands like Versus, or O.Z.O.C.

The Galleria Square specializes in top Italian brands. Peddar Building, a historical landmark, houses name brands in a superb setting. The Pacific Place mainly sells high quality leather clothing, including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Levin and Tiffany.

Cameras and Electronic Goods 

Hong Kong has a great reputation for photographic equipment shopping, and most can’t help but notice the sheer number of camera shops (and advertisements) packed into the city. The pros head to Stanley Street on Hong Kong Island and Sai Yeung Choi Street in Kowloon to replace a lens or upgrade a camera body. The big electronics chains cater to everyone from the not-so-fussy to the cyber savvy. We would particularly recommend Fortress or Broadway, which are serious resellers for the major brands, applying a good worldwide guarantee. Don't be misleaded nor cheated by some small shops where you might purchase an outdated camera for the price of the latest model. The Honk Kong Tourist and Development Bureau has its list of recomended shops. Those purchasing expensive professional equipment should calculate custom duty and further taxes back to their destination.

Custom Tailors

Much influenced by their  masters from Savile Row, this former British colony tailors used to be unrivalled. In competition with Bangkok and Singapore, they still wear nowadays the crown of the “best tailors in the world”. You need to find who is a professional, and who is nothing but a greedy salesman targeting tourists. The later -which represents 80% of the shops- won't be approached by the insider: ask your Hong Kong friends a hot tip. Expatriates and natives, should they come from the middle-class or upper-class, don't like to purchase suits off the rack, and will give you their favourite address. Lots of tailors work upon recommendation. Of course you still can use the travellers and fashionista forums, or check Tripadvisor (with lots of forged reviews...). We have published a small selection of well established tailors, fitting any budget: from the top expensive Kiton till more reasonable small shops frequented by Hong Kong hi-society since decades.

A tailoring process starts with “feeling” the fabric: the cheapest the worst! Less durable, less comfortable, and less appealing. We always chose 120s: it has to be original, imported from Italy or UK. French fabric by Dormeuil is also a good choice. Of course such a choice won't fit the US$ 200 – 300 “suit and shirt promotions” proposed by many tailors, if they are professional and honest,  they will suggest you they best material, and it will cost at least US$ 700 for a good suit. In some international high-end shops (Kiton, Canali, Zegna), the “Su Mesura” can start from US$ 8000 up (very much up!).

You should always ask for basted fitting of the actual suit; not some sort of template. It will take you more time to get your apparel ready, give more work to the tailor, but this is the one and only way to feel like a second skin on your body.g

Street Markets

The most popular are the Ladies Market, Temple Street Night Market and Stanley Market. Each market has its own charm and treasures just waiting to be found. Remember to bargain. Our favourite, surely the most picturesque, is Temple Street Night Market: don't go there for luxury (this is the place for cheap clothing and basic electronics), but for the best gastronomic experience in Hong Kong. You believed that the best Dim Sum and seafood were served at The Peninsula? Not al all; tycoons and famous actors all skip bling restaurants, preferring to sit on shaky plastic stools and enjoy fantastic soups, rock lobsters and abalones. We would also recommend Stanley Market: this is the perfect place to purchase precious silk and Chinese artwork. silk collectibles, and curios, as well as larger-sized clothing.

Jade Market, located at the intersection of Kansu and Battery streets in Kowloon, is crowded with stalls selling jade items, symbol of wealth in Hong Kong. Be aware that this lots of counterfeits are being sold; if you want to spend on a jade collector item, make sure that a Chinese friend can come along and assist you: they are all experts!

Hong Kong Shopping Reminders

Major credit cards are widely accepted. Keep both the shop receipt and credit card receipt after the transaction. Check immediately whether the contents in your shopping bag are exactly what you have purchased.

Prefer shopping malls with the sign of "Excellence" granted by Hong Kong Tourist and Development Bureau. Service and quality are guaranteed, and their goods are clearly priced. Be cautious of buying anything without price tags.

Any touble with a shop owner, call the HKTB's Quality Tourism Services (香港旅遊發展局) (+852 280 62823) for help.

Tourism information office 

One of our best sources of information, the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) is a government-subvented body tasked to market and promote Hong Kong as a travel destination worldwide and to enhance visitors' experience once they arrive.  It is a precious source of information for shopping, dining, arts, history, entertainment, nightlife, festivals and events.

Address USA: 370 Lexington Ave., Suite 1812,
New York, NY 10017
PHONE: +1 212 421-3382  FACSIMILE:  +1 212 421-8428  TOLL FREE: (800) 282-4582


Luxury Shopping in Hong Kong: 
our favourite prestigious shopping mallsworld class tailor shops


LANDMARK: One of the oldest and most prominent top luxury shopping malls in Hong Kong Central, Landmark’s ground floor stores are highly reputed for their splendid and imaginative, always classy window displays. This serene world most luxury best prestigious shopping malls hong kong landmark centralof high-end shopping includes Louis Vuitton’s Asia flagship store, Brioni, Berluti, Valentino, Tod's, Brooks Brothers, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Church's, Chanel, Burberry, Gicco, and Ideal Tailor. The selection of jewelry and watches is the best downtown: with the finest makers like Cartier, Bvlgari, IWC, Panerai, Jaeger LeCoultre, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Van Cleefs & Arpels, and Tiffany. The fine dining is prestigious with our favourite French restaurant in Hong Kong: L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon. This is, with the airy Café Landmark, a haunt for local celebrities and opulent looking tycoons.

The mall connects to the other up-market shopping centres under Hongkong Land, including Landmark Alexandra, Landmark Chater, Exchange Square, Jardine House, and Landmark Prince’s. Together they offer 208 international brands and a range of fine dining options, such as 8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana, the first Italian restaurant outside Italy to be awarded with three Michelin stars; and Armani/Aqua, where food meets fashion and you have the rare pleasure of a calm alfresco meal and drink in the heart of Central Hong Kong.

LANDMARK: 15 Queen's Road Central, Central Hong Kong, PRC
PHONE: +852 2500 0555

 A prominent landmark and the eighth-tallest office building in the world, IFC – International Finance Center consists of two skyscrapers: the IFC Mall, and the 55-storey Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong. Easy to reach by the Airport ifc mall highest building most luxury mall hong kongExpress line (Central / Hong Kong MTR station stops just beneath the mall), this integrated commercial development on the waterfront of Hong Kong's Central District quickly became a leading business and leisure destinations.

Comprising a unique combination of prestigious offices, high-end shopping and entertainment outlets, and Hong Kong's finest hotel and suite hotel – Four Seasons Hotel and Four Seasons Place, the 4.47 million square feet complex offers a truly inspiring working, shopping and living experience. Don't mind the crowd -you are in China!- and book a whole morning or afternoon to wander through more than 200 stores featuring international premier brands, flagship stores and unique concept stores: Canali, Alfred Dunhill, Valentino, Kiton, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ermegildo Zegna, Rolex, Omega, Vacheron Constantin, Panerai, IWC, Lanvin Ladies, Leica, but also popular, cheaper stores like Zara.

The place to go for an extraordinary shopping, dining and entertainment experience, IFC Mall is not only a hot spot for sightseeing in Hong Kong (the view from the top deck of the mall at night is breathtaking) but also one of the iconic world-class shopping malls.

IFC MALL: 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, PRC
PHONE: +852 2295 3308

CAUSEWAY BAY: Not a shopping mall, but a microcosm of the entire Hong Kong shopping scene, with luxury malls, mid-range boutiques, affordable department stores, this is the most intense, somehow exhausting shopping experience in Hong causeway bay sogo times square best luxury shopping in hong kongKong. Nowhere are more shops and more people squeezed together than the maze of streets in Causeway Bay: where every available square inch is seemingly devoted to worshipping at the altar of retail.

You will find there whatever you like to purchase, at any buget: with up-market fashion to be found in Lee Gardens One & Two, Hysan Place, Lee Theatre, Times Square and Fashion Walk, mid-price and luxury goods in SOGO Department Store: Hong Kong’s biggest department store and a local institution.  This Japanese retailer is at the pricier end of the market. It has two wings: Old Wing and New Wing (B2/F to 10/F).

Hong Kong dances to the beat of international trade. In the neon blur, advertising deluge and unabashed consumerism of Causeway Bay you can feel the city’s pulse like nowhere else. We like very much the young and chic, always trendy and sexy day and night ambiance at Fashion Walk: a street of hip shops and boutiques dedicated to local fashion designers and trends.

Even though a relatively compact area, it would still take at least an entire day to work your way through its endless shopping malls, department stores, boutiques and market stalls.

Opening hours vary, depending on the shops. SOGO: open 10:00 to 22:00.

CAUSEWAY BAY: Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, PRC


KITON: Since George Clooney wore a Kiton suit in Oceans Thirteen, all the super-rich from the Middle-East, Russia and Asia dream to fill their mansion, yacht and private-jet closet with   a few pieces of custom-tailored limited edition “K-50” line, known as the world's most kiton suits best luxury first class tailors bespoke in hong kongexpensive apparel. At up to US$ 50,000 a suit, with 20,000 items hand-made per year, you won't be surprised to read that “K-50” name inspired itself from the number of production hours from part of two dedicated tailors to issue the uppermost luxury piece of clothing for men.

Many of those happy few visiting this legendary Naples-based Italian tailor's boutique, recently inaugurated in the magnificient IFC Mall, won't mind paying that much for a second skin created from scratch just to make them like more prosperous and seducing: filling their triple-deck yacht tanks before a short cruise would cost at least twice more... But if money runs more scarce in your UBS or HSBC Hong Kong account in the short term, you will gladly save on purchasing a ready-to-wear, “classic line” suit. Frankly speaking, after sampling a couple of them in the boutique, they are our favourite: we actually love the “CIPA 1960” line, made from vintage 60s-era fabrics, which are cut with slim and contemporary silhouettes. So classy! Sold in Hong Kong between US$ 7,000 – 8,000, they can be purchased in the New York Kiton shop, or at Saks Fifth Avenue, for something like US$ 1000 – 1,500 less; but you will need to cross the Ocean, and won't get that so special, smooth and anticipating oriental touch. The service overpass what you might be expecting in a palace hotel in Paris or travelling first class with Emirates!

To match your “CIPA 1960”, don't forget to purchase a Kiton shirt. We have a couple of them in our dressing since more than a decade ago: at US$ 1,000 the investment is well worth, indeed, as those hand-finished pieces of clothing won't be out of fashion, even after 20 years. We never brought them at the shop back for collar or cuff alterations or repairs: the fabrics are amongst the finest and most reliable ever. Sunglasses, trousers and jeans are also available, as well as Kiton's fragrances are a brand of Estée Lauder.

Kiton motto is "“ll meglio del meglio più uno” (the best of the best plus one). This “plus one” stands in Hong Kong!

Open Sun-Sat 10:30 - 20:00.

KITON: 6 Shop 2062 Podium  Level 2 IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central Hong Kong, PRC
PHONE: +852 22347882

ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA GLOBAL STORE: Since 1910 one of the biggest global producers of the finest men's clothing waved in the finest fabrics, this family run international company enjoy a high reputation and lots of prestige in Hong Kong. This is surely one of the few top luxury brands ermenegildo zegna made to measure bespoke luxury tailor hong kongoffering ready-to-wear amazing jackets at less that US$ 3,000, and fantastic suits at US$ 4,000 – 5,000. World famous for its jet-setters' jackets designed by Stefano Pilati, carefully cut in Tessuto Trofeo and Tropical, ideal for travelling in style within South East Asia.

The Hong Kong Zegna Global Store at Peking Road, Kowloon, gives its clients an easy and relatively affordable opportunity to enter the world of five star fashion brands “Made to Measure”, proudly delivering unique tailored suits made from the rarest fibers in the world. Like the innovative “ZegnaSilk” fabrics, created from the most precious silk fibers, adding lightweight elegance to summer suiting: the perfect choice for jackets and suits, it features the same unmistakable craftsmanship that has distinguished this brand for over a century.

Through a sartorial tradition that has been elevated to a fine art by Zegna craftsmen, the finishing touches are executed by hand with the utmost care. Linings and accessories are entirely natural, with cotton used for a remarkable breathability: allowing moisture vapor to be transmitted through the material. Horsehair are used for more strength. The staff in the boutique helps the client to choose the buttons, buttonholes and lapels best suited for his very personal character. As a final detail, an exclusive personalized label that bears the customer’s name is sewn on each sleeve unit.

The materials choice is impressive. The permanent “Premium Collection by Zegna” is offered in more than 300 exclusive renowned fabrics: ranging from “High Performance Micronsphere”, “Trofeo”, “Trofeo 600” and the elegant “Ceremonia” to suit special events. Symbol of prestige and very exclusive in facts, “Platinum Collection by Zegna” expresses an unconditional pursuit of sartorial excellence, featuring the very best fabrics from Ermenegildo Zegna’s wool mill: “12 Milmil 12”, “13 Milmil 13” and “14 Milmil 14”.

Like a legend sparked by an act of greatness that spans generations, or a melody that takes form upon encountering the perfect voice, the master tailor skillfully constructs perfection - from the initial consultation to the hand-stitched finishing touches - exclusively for you.

ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA GLOBAL STORE: Shop G07, G/F, 1 Peking Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, PRC
PHONE: +852 3417 3088

BRIONI:  Whether their motive is to look expensive to others or just the inward confirmation that they can afford such a piece of clothing, those who like to show their social status will love to shop in Brioni’s boutique at Landmark best_luxury_shopping_top_class_recommended_custom_tailors_brioniAtrium Central. Hong Kong latest sartorial destination is one of the largest Brioni boutique in the region, after Bangkok and Singapore. The new concept store was designed in Milan’s fashion district at Via Gesù, and has been replicated across future Brioni boutiques around the world.

Developed by Creative Director Brendan Mullane in collaboration with Studio Park Associati of Milan, the new store concept teams the masculine character of a gentleman’s club with the elegance of a private “Dressing Room”. Conveying a traditional 
character with a contemporary twist, making use of premium materials, the interior is organized into separate selling areas spanning formal-wear and leisure-wear.

Custom-tailoring is supremely managed in an exclusive VIP room, with an area dedicated to the “Su Misura” service; a refined five star lounge dedicated to the art of bespoke tailoring, furnished with a large closet that opens out to demonstrate the fabrics and finishings used to personalize the garments. Brioni’s made-to-measure jackets and suits have nurtured a cult-following amongst the world's most dapper men: a roll call of which includes icons like Daniel Craig (007 is dressed to kill in a Brioni Vanquish II suit), Al Pacino, Cary Grant, lots of bankers and leading statesmen. Though the fantastic cutting process remains a secret, it has been reported that a Vanquish II suit counts not less than 7,000 stitches, being handled by the tailors team an average of 300 times! Which would justify the price paid by the “elite of the elite” for the most expensive suit in the world, made from rare fibers such as vicuna, pashmina and qiviuk (eight times warmer than wool and finer than cashmere, qiviut is hypoallergenic and will not shrink. ). Price tag is as high as $43,000! Brioni will produce only 150 pieces of this special-edition.

Located in the very top of the luxury hierarchy, Brioni targets the wealthiest 1% to 2% of consumers world-wide.  We are not part of it... but still can afford Brioni's beautiful accessories: actually affordable, footwear and small leather goods are displayed in exclusive showcases made of travertine, bronzed glass and brass. A great, highly distinguished present for your friends... or why not, for yourself?

BRIONI: Landmark Atrium Central, 15 Queen's Road, Central Hong Kong, PRC
PHONE:  +852 27791508

CANALI: Led by the third generation of the family, Canali produces since 1934 amazingly elegant clothes in the most precious fabrics. Reputed for its iconic, unstructured Kei jacket, the brand is extremely successful in Hong Kong with a world best luxury first class recommended tailors in hong kong macau canali su misurarecord of five shops in the same city: Pacific Place, Elements, Lane Crawford, Canton Road, and Times Square!

Canali’s leading -and most expensive- product is the made-to-measure (“Su Misura”). Experience begins with an in-depth consultation with one of a master tailor. This isn’t about ticking boxes or filling in forms, rather it’s a free and unrestricted discussion that’s as unique as each customer’s specific tastes and needs.

Each customer identifies a basic style and cut of garment that best fits their taste and body shape. Then the master tailor will collect the measurements and alteration specifics to ensure that the “Su Misura” suit is made according to the customer’s movements, posture and styling preferences.

Canali currently offers a choice of over 500 fabrics for “Su Misura” garments, including exclusive seasonal selections. Autumn/Winter fabrics range from comfortable stretch and water resistant wools to pure cashmere and soft blends of angora, camel and mohair. Spring fabrics include classic pure wools, linen and silk blends and ultra fine Super 200s – textiles of rare quality for the true connoisseur.

The “Su Misura” process allows each customer to personalize their garment. Once fit and fabrics have been chosen, there is a multitude of other elements to consider, from a wide variety of buttons to belt loops and extra pockets. Each “Su Misura” suit is unique and, as a mark of this, comes with a label embroidered with the customer’s name.

Opening hours Mon-Sun 10.00-22.00.

CANALI: Gateway Arcade, G202-203, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, PRC
PHONE +852 2118 5638

ASCOT CHANG: A classy option since 1953, this well established company is acclaimed for its shirt-making, but its suits are equally up to par.

Internationally renowned for his exacting attention to workmanship, detail and fit, Ascot Chang believes that clothing should the best luxury shirtmaker in hong kong top best 5 tailors in hong kong asiacomplement the wearer's individual figure, lifestyle and tastes, while maintaining a standard of excellence. Chang's founding principle -- "My customers select their own style. I give the style substance" -- continues today with  Tony Chang, Ascot Chang's son, and Johnny Chang, Ascot Chang's brother. Supplying the same excellence in service and quality espoused by its founder, Ascot Chang maintains the impeccable heritage of traditional Shanghai tailoring, while providing a contemporary look.

Bringing their founder's vision to a global audience, the family opened the first U.S. store in New York in 1987 and in Beverly Hills in 1989. Quickly attracting a distinguished clientele of U.S. industry leaders, politicians and trendsetters, Ascot Chang has been named the "Best of the Best," by Robb Report, "One of the best known Hong Kong tailors" by The Wall Street Journal and "One of the World's Best Tailors" by

For the man who demands the same Ascot Chang craftsmanship and style from head to toe, the line has expanded to include an assortment of high quality, pure silk ties, lush cashmere sweaters in striking colors, elegant scarves, braces, socks, cufflinks and more. Shirts and suits are made in business, casual or formal styles, and all shirts, suits, robes, boxer shorts and handkerchiefs are available either ready or custom-made with the option of customized monogramming. Ascot Chang's 12 retail locations worldwide include stores in Shanghai, Manila and Beijing. The American flagship, now on Central Park South, provides a one-stop shop for the well-dressed man. There are four shops in Hong Kong, at IFC Mall, Landmark Central,  Elements (Kowloon Station), and in the legendary Peninsula Hotel.

Ascot Chang's master tailors are visiting Europe and Japan on a regular basis to take care of their distinguish, faithful clientele.

This is definitely one of the top 5 best luxury custom tailors in Hong Kong. Set your budget accordingly.

Open 9:00 to 19:00.

ASCOT CHANG: Shop 131, Landmark Prince's, Central, Hong Kong, PRC
PHONE: +852-2523-3663 (HK)   &   +1 877 486-9966 (USA)
& (USA)

IDEAL TAILOR:   Located in the ritzy Landmark shopping mall, this is since 1971 one of the top 10 best luxury custom tailors in Hong Kong.  Ideal Tailor has an impressive stock of suiting materials from Dormeuil, Scabal, Zegna, Toni Tommi, Holland & Sherry, etc.

Ideal Tailor is achieving the highest possible standard of personal tailoring: quality is optimum, whatever money you are ideal tailor landmark central best luxury shopping mall hong kongspending on suits, tuxedos, sports jacket, pants, top coats, overcoats and shirts. Once you have worn a Ideal Tailor high quality bespoke, featuring fine canvas interfacing to provide a natural feel and easy fit, hand-sewn and finished sleeves and collar, double arm shield protectors, hand-made workable button and hand-embroidered name inside suit jacket, you will never return to the off-the rack clothes. Exclusively for people with taste, Ideal Tailor considers the design of clothing as an art and does not take details lightly. You realize that you became so noticeable! A well designed and hand-cut apparel immediately accentuates and flatters your figure. This is why lots of clients order their wardrobe from Ideal Tailor, having it designed according to their profession, business, casual and social needs.

Ideal Tailor is reputed for keeping its promises, both in term of quality and delivery: it might take a maximum of two weeks to get your suit 100% ready. It can also be delivered to your country if you were only on a transit in Hong Kong. Once Ideal Tailor gets your measurements in his files, he can duplicate anything suits, pants, jackets, shirts...), anytime by e-mail order, and send your caddy by post or DHL in less that three weeks. There is no extra cost for this (only packaging and delivery, which is not expensive from Hong Kong).

Boosting elegance all around Hong Kong, where so many wealthy foreigners have established their second home, and where tourism brings the opportunity to get dressed luxuriously for a portion of the Paris, Rome or London price, we liked the fact that the so-fancy Ideal Tailor remains actually good value for the money, with such a courteous staff and tailors team readily available to take care and coach the client.

Open Mon-Sat 9am-7pm - Sun 10am-6pm.

IDEAL TAILOR: Shop 343, 3/F, Landmark Prince's, One Exchange Square, Central, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, PRC
PHONE: 252 2 4861
E-MAIL: contact@ideal-tailor-hk

Tips for luxury shopping in  Macau

Macau is a place where you can purchase almost anything, and have a wonderful time doing it. Luxury items are cheaper here than in other cities in the region. Jewelry (particularly 24-carat gold), cameras, porcelain, electronic items, mobile phones, watches, cashmere sweaters and silk clothing are available at very reasonable prices. 

It is also a great treasure trove for Chinese antiques and collectibles. You can find here ancient coins, 19th century stocks and shares, stamps and other printed material (Rua das Estalagens and Rua da Tercena); boxes of tea (Rua Cinco de Outubro) and coffee from around the world (Estrada do Cemiterio and Avenida do Coronel Mesquita); traditional shops where tea is displayed in wooden drawers and glass goblets; and countless old Chinese Pharmacies packed with traditional medicines (Rua de S.Paulo and Rua de Pedro Nolasco da Silva). These are just a few examples to illustrate how adventurous and fascinating shopping in Macau can be. Now it's up to you to explore. 

Duty Free and top-of-the-market goods - what's available and where 

Duty free shop and top-of-the market goods, what's available and where up-market boutiques selling internationally recognized labels are found at Macau Fisherman's Wharf, New Yaohan department store, Landmark, Hotel Grand Lapa. Retail Shopping with luxury brands are located at the Wynn Esplanade's, The Grand Canal Shops, The Shops at Four Seasons, The Boulevard at City of Dreams and One Central Macau. There are duty free shops at the Ferry Terminal, Macau International Airport and on the mainland side of the Barrier Gate. 

Clothing - discount stores 

Macau has more than a few hundred functioning textile and garment factories, most of which produce clothing for markets in European Union, USA, North America and Asia Pacific. Overruns and seconds are to be found in shops and market stalls, at prices a fraction of what they are in the world's leading boutiques. The range of clothing is enormous, however the most widely available are jeans, children's wear and sports clothes. 

You can also find dressy jackets with Mandarin collars and frog fastenings traditional Chinese style in a wide variety of interesting and attractive fabrics at the markets around São Domingos near Senado Square, and in the Three Lamps district (Rotunda de Carlos da Maia) near the Red Market. 

Furniture and Antiques - authentic or reproductions 

There are many excellent shops selling authentic antiques and fine reproductions all over Macau, and in Coloane village, but the most convenient area is bounded by Rua de São Paulo, Rua das Estalagens, and Rua Stº António, all in the neighborhood of St Paul's at the foot of Monte Fort. 

Flea Markets 

The most popular flea market in Macau is near St Paul's but a little off the beaten tourist track. Follow Rua de São Paulo to Rua das Estalagens and turn down the hill to the next narrow street. Go past the shops selling antiques, the tailor shops, and other small shops until the road reaches a fork. 

The Best Neighborhoods to Shop: around historic Senado Square and the Red Market 
Senado Square is the location of one of the newest municipal markets. On Avenida Almeida Ribeiro and the narrow streets leading off the main square you'll find a wealth of inexpensively priced goods of all kinds. 

Clothing is the biggest item here, and you'll find vendors specializing in locally manufactured baby clothes, underwear, shoes, and accessories, as well as jeans, sweaters, T-shirts and sportswear in all sizes and styles. 

Nearby, the Sun Star City, on Rua de Pedro Nolasco, and Sportstar, a two-storey arcade of specialty shops on Rua da Palha, offer a wide variety of clothing, watches, and stylish accessories like sunglasses, handbags, shoes and novelty items. 

On the other side of Avenida Almeida Ribeiro is a shopping area for the more adventurous. Follow Rua do Dr. Soares uphill behind the Civic & Municipal Affairs Bureau building until you reach Rua da Felicidade. Turn right and continue down past the restored 19th century shophouses in Felicidade, once a thriving red-light district. This is a fascinating place to browse among shops selling jewelry, curios, dried beef and even live snakes. 

The Red Market is located on the corner of Avenida Almirante Lacerda and Avenida Horta e Costa.This is a bustling market where vendors sell food of every conceivable kind. 

Avenida Horta e Costa is a long street full of shops that begins at the Red Market and extends as far as the Flora Gardens beneath Guia Hill. The avenue has several up-market shops specializing in, among other things, clothing and shoes, electronic items and cameras. But the best bargains are found in the streets surrounding the street. The historic "Three Lamps" (Rotunda Carlos da Maia) and surrounding streets are full of tiny shops selling many kinds of goods at bargain prices. 

Portuguese Wines - excellence at reasonable prices 

The delights of Portuguese wine could fill a book, but for a brief introduction, visit the Wine Museum in the Tourism Activities Center before setting out to buy them. All supermarkets, and even the smaller grocery stores in Macau display many different kinds of Portuguese wine at prices ranging from about MOP$30 for an ordinary table wine to several hundred for a fine aged Port. 

Art - galleries and shops 

Macau has many resident artists and their work can often be seen in local galleries. Temporary exhibitions open to the public are held at the Civic & Municipal Affairs Bureau, Casa Garden, the ground floor of the Ritz Building, on Senado Square, and the Tourism Activities Centre. 

Works shown at these exhibitions are usually for sale. Traditional Chinese paintings can be found at Chinese arts and crafts stores, and the one on Avenida Almeida Ribeiro near the Senado Square has a wide selection to choose from. For older works of art, browse through the selections on sale in several shops on Rua de Stº António. 


There are many grades of gold available in Macau which is imported duty-free and so can be an exceptional bargain. Silver, pearls, precious and and semi-precious stones are also duty-free and available in abundance. In fact, the selection is limited only by the amount you want to pay. 

There are many reputable jewelry shops near major hotels, on Avenida Almeida Ribeiro and on Avenida Horta e Costa. It is always a good idea to shop around and compare prices before making a high-priced purchase. Ask for a warranty card for jewelry and gold items and be sure to keep your receipts. 

Traditional Chinese Delicacies 

There are very few neighborhoods in Macau where you won't find numerous shops selling dried meat and seafood, herbs and other traditional Chinese foodstuffs and medicines. 

Dried sharks fin, mushrooms, shrimp, abalone and scallops can be found in the most popular shopping areas, like Avenida Almeida Ribeiro and Avenida Horta e Costa. The streets around Rua da Felicidade have more than their share of shops selling dried meat, with the best ones being to find; just follow the delicious aroma.  

Taipa Island is famous for its traditional cookies, and in the old village there are shops that have been baking and selling the same fragrant sweet morsels for generations. In Macau you may find pastry shops at the Av. Infante D. Henrique, Av. D. João IV , Travessa de S. Domingos, and along Rua de S. Paulo, near St. Paul's. Many other delectable confections found in local shops make good presents with the "taste of Macau" for visitors to take home with them. A famous Portuguese specialty in Macau is "Pastéis de Nata", little egg tarts, which are sold at good cafes and bakeries in the city and Coloane. They are best when eaten warm from the oven. 

Taipa Flea Market 

The Taipa Flea Market takes place every Sunday in a picturesque area of Taipa Island, between Bombeiros Square and Camões Square in the heart of the old village. 

There are many booths selling traditional crafts and souvenirs, food and beverages, brand name items and trifles, clothes, toys and other products. From 11 am to 8 pm., during the fair, there are cultural and recreational events at Maia de Magalhães Square. There are convenient car parks and public transportation in the area. 

Museum Shops for Only-in-Macau Items 

If you are looking for souvenirs that could only come from Macau, the museum shops are a good place to look. The Grand Prix Museum has some wonderful books, videotapes and other items connected to Macau's most important sporting event, and the world's foremost Formula 3 competition. 

Other Museum shops, like the one at the Macau Museum, have a variety of souvenirs, many of them beautifully crafted and unique to Macau. The Maritime Museum offers fascinating books and imaginative gifts like model kits for the unique "lorchas" that plied the waters around Macau in earlier times and other beautifully designed souvenirs with a nautical touch. 

Cultural Club is housed in an authentic old pawnshop (an valuable historic & cultural heritage) on San Ma Lo in the centre of Macau. It consists of five areas, the first and second areas are the "Pastry Gallery" and "Arts Plaza" with the souvenirs, postcards, fine arts, clothes and accessories. The third area namely "Jin Yong Library" where the famous Jin Yong specialized novels are housed. Inside the library, the fourth area namely "Water-Teahouse" provides a comfortable resting place for visitors and tourists to take a rest. The fifth area is the "Cultural Exhibition Hall". Painting, fine arts, Chinese folk arts exhibitions are held regularly. 

Postcards, Books, Other Magazines 

For some really interesting and good quality books and prints by authentic Macau artists, do not miss the little shop just inside the Civic & Municipal Affairs Bureau. 

Many magazines published locally with editions in Chinese, Portuguese and English of good quality both for their photos and text can be found at local stores. 

Cameras and Electronic Goods 

Many reputable shops and all department stores offer the latest in electronic equipment and cameras. There are camera shops that are especially popular among visitors located on Avenida Almeida Ribeiro near the Senado Square and on Avenida Horta e Costa near the "Three Lamps". Prices are comparatively low for the wide selection of high quality items in these shops. Larger shops are recommended for reliability after-sale service and it is advisable to ask for a warranty card along with your receipt. Beware of brand names you do not recognize on items in the smaller shops; they may be impossible to repair if problems occur later on. 

Handicrafts - traditional arts at bargain prices 

There are several shops that carry handcrafted goods from China and other parts of Asia in Macau and perhaps the best of these is located on Avenida Almeida Ribeiro near the Senado Square. 

A tiny shop selling hand crafted traditional tea utensils, clothing, and musical instruments can be found on Rua de Hong Chau in Taipa Island - it is worth a visit if only for its picturesque architecture and stone-lined rustic fountain. To discover more about the traditional Chinese tea culture, Macau Tea Culture House next to Lou Lim Ieoc is recommended. 

Porcelains and Fine Ceramics 

There are many wholesalers and retail outlets carrying a huge variety of tableware, vases, and novelty items at very low prices. Some factories will even custom make a vase or set of tableware with your family crest or in a pattern copied from your draperies. For more unusual pieces at good prices, try the many shops around Rua de São Paulo. Many interesting antique and one-of-a-kind pieces can also be found in shops on Avenida Almeida Ribeiro, right in the heart of the commercial district. 

Shop with Confidence 


Shop with confidence in Macau in shops with the "Certified Logo". These are participating shops at the Consumer Arbitration Centre established by the Macau Consumer Council, and they are certified shops as they do have no recorded consumer complaints. The Consumer Arbitration Centre will act as a middleman, to solve any complaints, of less than MOP$ 50,000.00, reported against these "Certified Logo" shops. For details or assistance, please contact the Macau Consumer Council: 

Hotline: (853) 8988 9315 
Fax: (853) 2830 7816 

Tourism information office 

Macau is doted with a very efficient tourist office, publishing an abundant literature and maps. It also efficiently assists tours, sightseeing, restaurants and hotel reservations: 

Address: Alameda Dr. Carlos d'Assumpção, nºs 335-341, Edifício "Hot Line", 12º andar, Macau 
PHONE: +853 2831 5566   FACSIMILE: +853 2851 0104 | Tourism Hotline: +853 2833 3000 


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