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Best Top Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Angkor / Siem Reap 2022
(Kingdom of Cambodia)

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GOLDEN TEMPLE RESIDENCE (*****L): We found in Siem Reap the zero default hotel, and experienced it four times in three years already! If perfection would get a name, it would be called Golden Temple Residence. When it could make an easy benefit from its ideal location, next to the Night Market, at a short yet quiet distance from golden temple residence best luxury boutique hotel in siem reap angkorPub Street / Old French Quarter, this so-chic boutique hotel develops a myriad of qualities and bonuses to catch the demanding upper-class guest... and treat him like a VIP.

An oasis of tranquility settled amongst greenery, this modern interpretation of a Khmer temple of hospitality makes concrete seducing: modeling and painting the walls such a warm and elegant way, that this modern building comes with a touch of nostalgia. This might be of the carved stones, wood and copper,  flowers everywhere (from the lobby till the beds and… sinks in the palatial bathrooms), or precious silk displayed over the sofas where we received the most impressive check-in a luxury hotel. No comparison with the standard welcome drink that we experienced in almost any hotel in South East Asia; at the Golden Temple Residence, our eyes popped out when we saw a smiling hostess bringing an antique carved silver tray, with iced herbal tea, sticky rice in banana leaves, the best-grilled peanuts ever (with garlic, lemongrass, basil, and nuts), and fruits cuts. Should we write it?: it beated the unbeatable Mandarin Oriental Bangkok!

All rooms are tastefully decorated with local items, paintings, precious wood furniture, and lotus flowers refreshed each evening. The thick stone flooring and the brick-walls procure a pleasant note of serenity. Our Suite Pool Viewwas large (55 s.qm), opening to a spacious balcony with deep chairs for relaxation. We almost never used the air-conditioning. Our bathroom, with sand-watched walls and precious tile-flooring, was splendid and large enough to host a Khmer family… We liked the well-sized desk, on which we could actually world at ease, listening glamourous music piping from the Samsung SoundBar with Dolby Subwoofer equipping the Samsung Smart TV (with direct connection to YouTube and Netflix). There is a courtesy minibar (only in the suites). We also noted that, thought the hotel has a powerful power generator in case of an electricity blackout, each room has its personal generator to keep on the light and TV working… Looking for more elements to spoil the guest, the hotel provided us with a mobile telephone with an emergency contact number, so the staff could assist us anytime, anywhere and for anything: a private concierge in our pocket! WiFi is high-speed, indeed, and guests can use the business center equipped with Apple computers, sipping a glass of lemongrass tea and eating dried fruits snacks... all complimentary. The transfer airport-hotel-airport, escorted in the hotel Range Rover (we have been transported by their vintage Chrysler New Yorker one time also!) by a gorgeous hostess taking care of the guests from arrival until departure, is another bonus provided to all clients by the Golden Temple Residence.

We had no time to experience the beautiful Lotus SPA, preferring to focus on the pool. Superb! Sunbeds are set on two levels: we loved the highest one: so quiet, and with a nice view over the pristine water. The staff came on the spot to display the towels… bringing a complimentary refreshing set on a silver plate, with two glasses of orange juice and coconut over a mattress of ice, plus one scoop of passion fruit sorbet! Each evening the poolside welcomes an Apsara dance show, with live music: introducing the mysteries and charms of the Orient to enthusiastic spectators sipping a beer or a glass of wine billed at a ridiculously low price (USD 2 for a can of local beer!).

The general manager worked as an F&B at Raffles. He transferred to the Golden Temple Residence the quality inherited from the years passed in this legendary hotel, and improved it with a personal touch: cuisine at the Golden Temple Residence is definitely the best value for money available in a high-end hotel in Siem Reap. It starts with the breakfast at Sala Chhan. Welcomed by our name by the brigade, we were astonished to find on the buffet exactly what we could expect from a palace hotel. The Asian corner provides authentic soups, and well-textured dim-sums. The selection of hot dishes featured high-quality meat and fish. The bakery is Parisian: with real mini-baguette, and croissants reminding us of the lively cafés on the Champs-Elysées. Juices were 100% natural. Honey imported from farms nearby. Butter was French (Président). This all explains why the restaurant was quite full for dinner, despite the proximity –and competition- of Pub Street.

A premium hotel in Siem Reap, The Golden Temple Residence ranks atop Tripadvisor, in a city where fine lodging is legion, before much more expensive resorts like Jaya House, Templation, or Phum Baitang.

PHONE: +855 63 212 222        FACSIMILE: +855 63 761 222

Though it is owned and expertly managed by Luon Thea, the leading hotelier and restaurant developer in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, this awesome Khmer villa isn’t a hotel, but a five-star homestay that can be used for families, friends, or a small company incentive best luxury priva poll villa in angkor siam reap cambodiaweekend. There are many villas for rent in Siem Reap. Few come with such a perfect elegance, generous volume, a large pool set in a tropical garden, and full service by a real professional and his team. Everything is made to cater to the demanding guest. The residence is just for you, and no one will interfere with your intimacy. Except for a cook, which you can hire on special request and at a cheap fee, who can cater to any of your preferences, providing the freshest ingredients from the nearest markets. Many guests prefer to visit the nearby restaurants, or use a BBQ provided by the owner. Note that there is a great terrace atop the villa, with a nice view, particularly fitted for relaxed dinners al fresco. The poolside is also a dream place for a romantic supper.

My Key Polanka is situated in one of the favorite areas of the city. In front of the picturesque and authentic Wat Polanka temple, in a lushly Angkor Park area surrounded by centenary trees, it is the ideal home away from home. Fully airconditioned, it has 4 bedrooms, a living room / looby on the group floor, another «Khmer sala» typical living room on the first floor (we consider it as the heart of the house, with its high tropical wood ceiling and parquets), a fully equipped kitchen / dining room with a microwave and a kettle. There are 6 bathrooms (4 of them are directly attached to the bedrooms), with a shower and toilet.

There is free high-speed WiFi, and all the equipment and services necessary for a comfy stay are provided.

Just a 5 minutes tuk-tuk or motorbike ride from the Old Market and Pub Street / Old French Quarter, this is the ideal place to base yourselves for adventurous tours to Angkor Wat and other temples which is only 7 km away.

At the time of our stay, in May 2022, the daily rate was really low cost, at USD 120 per day for the whole villa hosting 8 people at ease.

Airport pick-up is provided by My Key. Motorbike or car rental (the villa has parking) can be managed by the concierge service attached to the villa. The assistance is permanent for its happy guests. We warmly recommend the experience!

Note that My Key operates a second, modern luxury villa, in another part of the city. A short tuk-tuk ride from the touristic center of the city.

MY KEY POLANKA: Group 2, Boengdaunpa Village, Sangket Slorgram, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 99290295

GOLDEN TEMPLE RETREAT (*****L): With Lourdes, Siem Reap became a miraculous land: one year after its grand opening in 2017, this luxury hideaway already ranks number 6 in Tripadvisor, between Golden Temple Residence and Golden Temple Boutique.  A cheerful leading trio, with a golden temple retreat best luxury boutique hotels angkormyriad of enthusiastic reviews truly motivated by all those factors making Golden Temple group the best hotels operator in the city.

We won't spend time reviewing all the merits of the hotel in term of excellent services and remarkable staff attitude, 100% copied on what we experienced at Golden Temple Residence and Golden Temple Hotel. The bonus at Retreat comes from the VIP check-in and check-out, with all the staff queuing to meet each guest personally, and even a photographer sending your complimentary set of pictures by e-mail the same day. Giving a moment of fame to the surprised and flattered visitors, certainly not expecting to be treated like a royalty in a resort at around USD 100 per night only (and less during the low season).

The architecture is modern Khmer. Just like Golden Temple Residence, this is a 100% concrete construction: but the design has been done that a way that the basically austere material develops warmth and charm. Each detail has been carefully sought of, without any faux-pas. The long and straight, canal-like swimming pool deserves all ground floor rooms. For a quieter atmosphere, you might prefer to stay on the first floor, and  relax in the intimacy of the pool-view balcony.

All rooms are large, indeed, with a comfort comparable to Golden Temple Residence. The high-tech Samsung Smart TV with Curved LED Screen and SoundBar are part of the five-star equipment. We could watch YouTube and NetFlix, and listen to the music from our smartphone via Bluetooth. Geeks will like staying here. We found the bedding even superior to the others hotels of the group: the quality of the linen, specially waved in Italy for Retreat, is impressive. As smooth as satin. Money has not been saved to invest in the best fabrics, materials, and concepts: look the bathroom, accessible through a heavy rotating door made of tropical wood, with so much space and such a splendid display that it looks a private SPA. We love the large stone tub and the rain-forest shower with such a toiletry, featuring cream for a professional scrub, specially prepared by the Senpidor SPA. We used it, if course... It made our skin so soft. This is part of all those bonuses by Golden Temple, offering always something tailored made to satisfy the most demanding guest.

We had our dinner at the traditional restaurant, where Royal Khmer Cuisine is lavishly served in silver dishes by supernumerary, devoted staff, entertained by gracious dances from the time of Suryavarman II...What a banquet for less than USD 20! Thanks to Golden Temple for transforming one more time the spoiled traveler and gourmet in a wonderstruck child...

GOLDEN TEMPLE RETREAT: Wat Damnak, Sala Kamreuk,
Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia.
PHONE: +855 63 217 777     FACSIMILE: +855 63 761 222

A splendor! One of the most elaborated small luxury hotels in the Kingdom, it has two enchanting pools hidden in lushly gardens of Eden, and artifacts everywhere our eyes can see. A celebration of the divinities, Montra Nivesha has been designed out of a dream by montra nivesha best luxury boutique hotels angkorSotho, the exquisite owner A fervent Buddhist, and also a film producer, she transformed her resort into a temple of serenity and well being… and somehow into a movie set, as the place is quite cinematographic: it even has its private theater, where guests can request a private projection!

Sotho explains that Montra Nivesha comes with a magic protection over its guests. Nothing wrong can happen; but relaxation, happiness, romance, and the pleasure of swimming, dreaming, reading, and eating. Sleeping also… in stunning rooms and super large suites.

We experienced a Studio Suite: one of the largest open-plan rooms in the hotel, it gives a very pleasant impression of space and quietness. We liked the colonial tiled floor, awesome artworks, precious silk, individually-crafted circular terrazza tub, and comfy bathroom with water pouring from the trump of a copper elephant. A green hotel, it has a second tap for filtered drinking water. That was the first time that we had seen so in Siem Reap. When aesthetics meet the respect of the planet. Even the priciest palace hotels which we visited in Paris, London or New York didn’t meet such a perfection.

Breakfast at the poolside Amok Khmer Restaurant is served in style by the always smiling staff in a silk uniform: it is five-star, with the freshest ingredients, natural fruit juices, and Khmer soups and noddle specialties a la carte. Though we had a coffee machine in the room, we preferred the foamy double expressos enjoyed with freshly baked danish pastries. The signature Reahoo Restaurant serves one of the top five best royal Khmer cuisine in Siem Reap. We ordered by the set, with the all dishes displayed together on a rattan wood tray. Only the dessert came separately, one year later, after we had finished the generous portions of vegetable, meat, and fish specialties. Amok was the best which we ever enejoyed in Cambodia, with generous portions of sappy and pleasantly textured fish from the Tonle Sap.

The lovely, well-established Diva Wellness Home, proposes a menu of traditional Khmer massages and treatments at a fair price.

Montra Nivesha is located in a quiet street, halfway between the city centre and Angkor Wat (where the hotel can organize intimate temple dinners on request). It takes just a few minutes by tuk-tuk to go either direction.

Bringing perfection to the top, the stay includes a complimentary village walk to discover the traditional local neighborhood and a monk blessing at a local temple.

Imbued with beauty and an expression of love, this is one of our top ten recommended hotels in Siem Reap and the Kingdom of Cambodia.

MONTRA NIVESHA: #5, Krom 2, Phoum Mondol 3, Siem Reap 17251, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 77 681 787

JAYA HOUSE RIVER PARK (*****L): It usually takes decades to build a legend; a few months were enough at Jaya House to meet the challenge. Ranking on the top of Tripadvisor, fully booked during our visit at the beginning of the high season, this is already a respected jaya house river park  best luxury palace hotels boutique hotels siem reapbrand in a city featuring around 400 hotels... An alchemy of successful recipes in term of architecture, management, service, and F&B, quickly acquired this new property a patina. The design by V-Asia (a concept which made the success of all the concurrent -and excellent- Temple hotels and restaurants) is a big hit: we love hotels which doesn't look like hotels. The lobby, opening to the riverside, is reminiscent of a modern private residence. It has lots of vintage appliances (Toshiba TV, Sony radio, old iron fans...), Khmer statues (caressing the stone elephant brought us much energy), and elegantly striped armchairs. Stepping in this distinguished lobby comes with a special thrill. At check-in, when a myriad of staff treats you as a VIP: with fresh towels, well chilled sparkling wine, and all the charm of Cambodia over the young faces obviously happy to work in one of the very few hotels keeping 100% of its employees even during the low season.

Definitely boutique, the Jaya House has only 36 rooms and suites. Amongst the most spacious in Siem Reap, they have either a balcony or a direct pool/garden access. We booked the first option, in a 38 sq.m Deluxe Room, simply classy, with a lovely tile flooring adding texture and style to the tropical interior. The large writing desk gave us the envy to seat and write our memoirs... The room bathed in a delightfully relaxing and inspiring atmosphere. Maybe because it was not over-decorated, with only some drawings depicting local singers and comedians, bakelite phones from the 1960s, and discreet lotus flowers next to the Malongo Espresso machine using natural filter capsules which can be recycled, providing a full blend, fantastic coffee. We liked this, as much as we appreciated the complimentary minibar refilled every day (and more) with water, soft drinks, and beer. The JBL Horizon radio and Bluetooth speaker provides a clear and powerful sound, quite comparable with Bose. We noted the thickness of the King Size bed mattress: twice the standards of many Siem Reap five-star hotels. We felt like sleeping on a cloud...  There is, of course, a large multichannel flat screen TV, which nobody will use; attracted by the many attractions of Siem Reap, Angkor, and of the hotel itself.

There are two pools. The smaller one, intimate and shady, which we could observe from our balcony surrounded by lushly tropical trees. Pleasant and peaceful, this was our favorite. Yet, the principal pool, exposed to the sun, is impressive. This the unique silver tiles swimming pool in Cambodia...and the rest of Asia. What amazed us the most is that it wasn't bling nor tacky at all: the tiles reflecting the sun, in the middle of the carefully kept lawn, is a must be seen. In a sought after part of the city, where the square meter of lands is worth a fortune, the owner purchased the next door, inesthetic building, and demolished it to provide the Jaya House guests an unspoiled view on the lush gardens, neighboring “Ecole Française d'Extrême Orient”, temple and river banks!

There is a small SPA, with a steambath which we used complimentary and by individual appointment.  We also noticed, which was a good surprise, that laundry was provided with the hotel's compliments. We ordered wine and soft drinks from the lobby bar, without being charged. It seems that there is not a clear policy on this, but when guests drink with moderation, house drinks and beer are not charged on the bill. Which is particularly fair.

Breakfast does matter. We would rate our experience as a top 5 best in Siem Reap. The buffet is so refined, with sparkling wine, fresh fruit juices, selection of cheese, and completed by a most distinguished “à la carte”. Cooking Eggs Benedicte requires a perfect orchestration: well buttered toasted muffins, a perfect cooking time, and much attention concerning the Hollandaise sauce. Only two hotels in Siem Reap do it as well as Jaya House. Their French ham is simply the very best in the world: three weeks sooner, we had a brunch at Thierry Marx two-Michelin star restaurant Camelia at Mandarin Oriental Paris. Though he serves the best delicatessen, the quality of the ham, cooked following the recipes of our childhood, was superior here. We congratulated the local chef for his skill. The rooftop bar is a must be seen, at sunset: the panorama is magic, and the cocktails are classy.

Last but not least, Jata House River Park does a lot for NGOs and saving the planet. This is even what does matter to Christian, the enthusiastic GM (who took Shinta Mani to the top before launching Jaya House), and his team. Established in Siem Reap for many years, he saw the hotels mushrooming in this small city, and fights again the pollution involved by the booming of tourism. Actively involved, with many other hoteliers, restaurants and pub managers, travel agents, backed by NGOs and some large companies, the hotel issues branded “Refill Not Landfill ” bottles to the guests The back of the bottles feature the names of all of the free-of-charge water refill locations across the city. Knowing that one refillable aluminum bottle can last more than 4 years, a single bottle can replace as many as 4,380 plastic bottles. The “Refill Not Landfill” campaign has already received orders for 65,000+ bottles, and rising, representing a potential saving of 175,200,000 plastic bottles over the next four years!

Enjoying one of the top 10 best hotels in Siem Reap and Cambodia has a price (approximately USD 300 / night during the peak season for a Deluxe Room) which, considering the amazing quality of Jaya House and its high profile, discreet and distinguished guests (the same kind of demanding travellers staying at The Raffles Singapore or Mandarin Oriental Bangkok), we would say that the value for money is well worth the exquisite experience.

This is one of our preferred hotels in Southeast Asia.

JAYA HOUSE RIVER PARK: River Road, Treang Village, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 639 62 555

Though all the Golden Temple hotels are 100% "boutique", this classification is now branded with one more distinguished property still in its soft opening. We reached the lobby in style, chauffeured in a white Chrysler NewYorker Brougham 1975, golden temple boutique best luxury boutique hotels angkorescorted by a cute hostess, and welcomed in the Golden Temple tradition: checking-up smoothly, just handing our passport to the reception staff before enjoying the welcome snacks (tea, fruits, sweet steamed rice, peanuts with basil and garlic...) presented over a precious silver tray.

We wondered whether we stayed at Golden Temple hotels to visit Siem Reap... or visited Siem Reap to enjoy the Golden Temple hotels. This is always a delight to experience the perfection in term of hospitality. The happy few, used to stay in Ritz-Carlton or Peninsula, always say WOW! discovering the splendors of the GT properties. Managed brilliantly by Luon Thea, a master hotelier in Siem Reap, they always come with the “no-fault” factor. All the competitors envy their leading position in Tripadvisor (number 7 during our last stay in May 2019!). It is well merited, indeed.

So what's new with the “Boutique”? Nothing! Why should GT reform a winning recipe? The architecture and interior design by Vasia are conformed to what we gladly enjoyed in the other properties of the group: a concentration of exotic good taste, with a soothing, slightly uplifting, refined, and colorful atmosphere. The Apple computers (with super fast Internet), the statues of Buddha, the deep sofas, and the pool view from the lobby: the GT signature is flamboyant, as always. The staff is not anymore the best trained of the city, for one simple reason: all the competitors copied Thea's teaching, sometimes quite successfully. But this is still the most charming and anticipating in all Cambodia. Working for the elite, with the elite, is their best motivation.

The 19 rooms are all suites. Quite similar, in term of generous size and bright eye catching design, to those at GT Retreat and GT Residence. The palatial beds, decorated with fresh lotus flowers, are still the top 10 best comfy in town. We noted the “pillow menu”, with an extended choice in term of texture and size. The Curved Samsung Smart TV, definitely unique in Cambodia, and ideal to watch a program on YouTube. The Samsung Bluetooth Bar, with a perfect sound quality. And all the rest: we liked the “Sihanouk-style” 1960's furniture, in its simply elegant and practical display. The “smallest” (48 sq.m) category of rooms, “Deluxe Suite”, with its brick walls, is not less luxury than the “Premier Suite” and “Courtyard Suite” (69 sqm.). The later sports a shower enclosure, an elegant stone bathtub, and twin hand-basins separated from the SPA-like bathroom. It has a balcony. We liked the complimentary in-room coffee by a Malongo Espresso machine.  The room rate starts from USD130 up to USD 250.

Thumb up, as always, to Golden Temple for serving bluffing breakfast looking like a five-star brunch. We can't say thank you enough to the staff for its kindness: we caught a cold with air-conditioning on our way to Siem Reap, and have been cured with the lemon-ginger-honey tea which had been repeatedly served to us with a smile (and complimentary). Each time we swam in the awesome pool, we received a tray with cold tea, peanuts and small snacks (the coconut milk soup with gelly is yummy!).

There is an excellent SPA. The concierge can manage tailor-made tours in the region, and book the rare and so comfortable Chrysler for a visit to the temples of Angkor (at USD 150 / day or USD 80 / half day, excluding entrance fee).

The gate to Heaven is located in the heart of the city, and is well worth the stay.

GOLDEN TEMPLE BOUTIQUE: Night Market Road, Stueng Thmei, , Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 63 216 666
      FACSIMILE: +855 63 761 222

VIROTH’S (*****L):
This lavish, green boutique hotel, has been recently ranked amongst the top 10 best hotels in the world. You will judge by yourself, but what is sure is that it deserves 10/10 on «the triple big S»: standard, style, and service. The latter being, from our long experience in Siem Reap, viroth's best luxury boutique hotels angkorabsolutely unique. As good as in the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, one of our best references in Asia. From the airport pick up by Rolls Royce Silver Shadow (bi-colour… so fancy!), or rare stretched Mercedes-Benz 230, the Viroth’s experience is worth the trip as much as the visit to the Temples (you can rent one of their chauffeured collection cars to give more spice to the tour).

We knew the hotel by reputation from friends living in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. The poolside is a haunt for the expatriates established in the city, capital city, or large metropoles from China and Southeast Asia on an extended weekend in the green and relaxing Siem Reap. The bar is their meeting point. This gives this lovingly designed hotel, in the 1950-60s style, a colonial atmosphere. During our stay, we felt like traveling back in time...and style.

The lobby is cool, and welcoming. The staff is plethoric, young, fluent in English, and perfectly trained. Even during the COVID, when most of the hotels in Siem Reap, fired 80% of their employees, Viroth’s remained fully serviced. We just hold our hands, and three people rushed to assist.

A good service always rhymes with a good style. The rooms and suites mix ancient Khmer elegance with nostalgic French sophistication (the owner is French). We like the rooms located on the third and last floor, indeed. They are not more beautiful than the others, but the balcony is at the level of the treetop. This is so lushly. The weather was exceptionally not too warm, and we spent much time enjoying our beautiful tropical balcony. Smoking a cigar by night, before sleeping in under the soft linen of our large bed, was a sybaritic delight. Besides the artifacts decorating the room, we liked the black-tiled bathroom very much. It has the French 1960s «Nouvelle Vague» design. Very different from the "Tomb Raider style" bathrooms generalized in the other Siam Reap hotels. Hotel bathroom aficionados will put Viroth’s on their hotlist.

The swimming pool is the place where the hotel vibes. It has something colonial, as already mentioned, and also Provençal. We could be at Hotel de Paris in Saint Tropez, for instance. Maybe because there were many French guests, the ambiance was more hip. There was this little bonus missing at other hotel pools. It is quieter. No children running and shouting. That’s posh bathing. The pool is long, and active swimmers will appreciate a lap. We are just splashers, and preferred the cocktails elaborated by a professional barman: refined and extremely affordable, like everything at Viroth’s.

Thumbs up for the F&B. It starts from the very high-quality breakfast served à la carte. The portions were generous, like a bit everywhere in Siem Reap. But the ingredients used by the chef are much superior to those used by most of the competitors. The home-made jam for instance. Or the sappy herb sausages: the best in town. The bread is as good as in Paris. There was an appealing Khmer breakfast which we shall experience next time. We liked to make it a bit French that time, after two months spent away from our country. The restaurant is pleasant, at the poolside. There is an air-conditioned «aquarium», more formal, nicely designed with large banquettes, halfway between the VIP lounge and the Parisian bistro-chic.

The SPA is pleasant, fairly priced (one-hour treatment starts from USD 20 only), and much visited by the residents of Siem Reap.

The location is very convenient to walk along the nearby riverside, and visit its pubs and restaurants. Pub Street is a five-minute reach by hotel tuk-tuk.

VIROTH’S: Street 24, Wat Bo Village, Siem Reap Angkor, Kingdom of Cambodia.
PHONE: +855 12 778 096

SALA LODGES (*****):  Siem Reap has got lots of “special lodgings”. From the most improvised (and often worst), till the nec plus ultra concentrating in four or five resorts only. Sala Lodges is the newest and surely one of the best. This is amazing to be so close to all the sala lodges private villas traditional khmer houses siem reap angkor best luxury hotels cambodiaattractions (Pub Street, temples, airport...) and to discover a dreamed Cambodian village which, instead of being a local Disneyland, comes with much authenticity. That would have been so tempting to introduce a little bit more of this and that, just to bling five-star; the Swiss owner (designer, host, developper...) escaped any “faux pas”. The stars are in the sky, by night, when the frogs sing their odd melody. Luxury seen by Sala Lounge means a supreme comfort, refined service, fine dining, in a worth the trip ethnological resort.

Eleven houses dating from 1956 to 1985, coming all from the region of Siem Reap, have been reunited in a carefully maintained lushly land, among pounds and mini rice paddies.  Spreading out over this Garden of Eden, they provide a complete intimacy to the guest.

Our large terrace had a 180° view of the property, but didn't overlook our neighbors. Those coming at Sala Lodges are obviously looking for intimacy. We had actually few if none contact with the other residents. We feared quite a lot that those wooden houses, kept 90% authentic (the lacking 10% are the toilet and bathroom, imperative in a five star resort!), with gaps little bit everywhere in the disjointed floor and wall panels, might be overheated; but two air-conditioners and fans actually do the job, maintaining an ideal temperature. We liked the fan over the terrace, where most of the guests like to sit and let the time go by with a book or tablet in hands: forgetting that there is no TV in the house. A few days away from CNN is one of the bonuses provided by Sala Lodges...

Each house has a booklet with its always picturesque history. Ours was “Bram Bei” (“The house with the horizontal cladding”). Built in 1965 it was recovered from Yeang, in the Russey commune, 50 kilometers from Siem Reap. Its owners, specialized retailers in the sale of “prahoc”, the fermented fish paste, wished to switch to a brick and concrete house designed for the modern family life. Thanks to the owners of Sala Lodges, their house survived the bulldozers and proudly stands in the heart of the resort, a few meters from the lovely and quiet swimming pool. The bedroom is large (38 sq.m), with high ceiling, a large poster bed with a mosquito net, rustic Indian furniture (one cabinet hosts a mini-bar with a daily selection of complimentary soft drinks and beer), and the cozy bathroom equipped with a rain shower. The glass windows have been discretely added to increase the efficiency of the air-conditioner; it might surprise the western visitor, but local people use mosquito nets instead of windows regarded as a “gadget”... The walls have been naturally patinated by the years. This was our daily enchantment to have the thrill of experiencing a wild and hard peasant's life... ventilated, one can of well-chilled beer in hand, reading a book in our rocking chair (the one and only modern piece of contemporary furniture in the room).

Some guests looking for rejuvenation, or on a honeymoon, don't wish to leave the resort during their stay: happy to enjoy the simple yet aromatic Khmer cuisine or tapas, elaborated from local ingredients  (some freshly picked up from the organic gardens of the resort), served al fresco at The Long Table & Lounge, or at the breezy Monolith & Bar, where a refined breakfast is served “a la carte” any time of the day. A classy variation on room-service, a romantic fine dinner can be served at the guest's private terrace...

So much refinement, so much authenticity, and such a good service have a price. A "Best New Hotels in The World 2014" by Condé Nast Traveller, Sala Lodges is part of the top ten most expensive hotels in Siem Reap; remaining good value for money on the western standards, at approximately USD 250 – 450 per night, depending a lot on the season and special offers.

SALA LODGES: 498, Salakomroeuk, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE +855 63 766 699


TEMPLATION (*****L): Back to the swinging 60s! A top 5 luxury hotels in Siem Reap, one of the most classy, this all suites and villas property made us feel like traveling back in time, in the Age of Gold of the French Riviera.

A refined, aesthetically perfect resort, this was one of our favorite discoveries during our one month trip to Cambodia. Still quite secret, because it is new and located in an odd yet pleasant part of Siem Reap, it has that touch of class lacking in those large hotels catering groups templation maads resort hotel best luxury hotel largest pool siem reap eco tourism palace hotel sofitel siem reapof tourists on their way to the temples. Though we were not far from Angkor Wat, we forgot the ruins and preferred to be pampered during three days, in May 2019, by the well-trained staff in a unique environment. Templation integrates and respects the eco-system very much. The main pool, one of the largest in the region, is shaped like a pound. One thousand cubic meters of water treated naturally. A swimmer's delight, it naturally integrates the landscape all around, with divisions of trees, brigades of fragrant flowers, and troupes of friendly lizards, frogs, butterflies and colorful birds all around.

The suites over the pool area, and the cinematographic villas, with a botanical rooftop, have been designed in the Le Corbusier characteristic style. Inspired by the weekend / summer holidays bungalows from the south of France, but also from Kep-sur-Mer, a nostalgic seaside resort located between Kampot and the Vietnamese border. With a Zen, almost austere structure, made of raw stones and concrete, our “Pool Suite” villa boosted a warm interior: with hardwood flooring, Knoll style furniture with vintage colours. We liked the neo-cubist chairs flanked along the 4 x 7 m private pool (equipped with jet-streams), and the deep sofa in the living room separated from the bedroom by the pool area. We could sleep and work in our bedroom, and entertain ourselves in the living room. A few seconds were enough to open the sliding windows, transforming it into a “sala”. Those traveling with kids or friends will like the intimacy procured by the plan of the villa, offering two separate structures. Cheers to the designers of this ideal hotel!

From the picture windows of our bedroom, we could observe the natural surrounding and the evening rain, then see the geckos visiting our garden with their unique “tok-kai” sound (be informed that calling seven times means good fortune!). The ceiling floor was rotating as fast as a plane propeller: we didn't use the air-conditioning. More and more classy hotel have a free mini-bar policy; Templation is part of them. There is complimentary WiFi, and a yummy Khmer/International “à la carte” breakfast is included in the room rate (in high season a villa like ours is charged little bit under USD 200; it is far cheaper during the rainy season, starting from April until October).

Toiletry in the open-air bathrooms comes from Bodia. The brand, producing only 100% top quality natural products, also operates the small luxury hotel spa. A short treatment (head and shoulders massage) is provided with the manager's compliments after check-in. 

The restaurant pairs the rest of the resort. Opening to the gardens and the swimming, this is the place for a relaxed lunch or a romantic dinner al fresco. Asian, Khmer, and Western cuisine by Chef Tim Pheak can be mixed for a surprising gourmet experience, before enjoying a glass of Banteay Srey dragon fruit cocktail with a cigar.

Very boutique, with a jet-set ambiance, Templation is a must be seen... and must be enjoyed! This lavish hotel operates also a 100% eco-friendly extension, Jungloo, located next door. It is managed by Maads.

TEMPLATION: Rok Rak Street, Modul 3, Phum Sla Kram, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 (0)63 969 345,  +855 (0)92 783 622 


RAFFLES GRAND HÔTEL D'ANGKOR (*****L): Owned by Prince Al-Walid bin Talal and managed by Accor under the renowned Raffles brand, the one only historic palace hotel in Siem Reap has been established by the French in 1932: providing best luxury hotels in angkor siem reap accor raffles grand hotel d'angkoraccommodation for the first wave of travellers exploring the temples and the rest of Indochina. This is the most luxurious and most expensive hotel in town; maybe also in Cambodia. Located in front of a well kept public park, which used to be the private 15 acres French-style garden of the hotel, opposite the discreet Royal Residence, the Grand Hotel d'Angkor retained its surprisingly authentic colonial atmosphere. With the exception of the pool, which is quite new, the public areas, restaurants (serving an average cuisine), and rooms make you feel like travelling back in time. The mahogany lift has been imported from France by steam-boat on the 1930's: restored in its former glory, it still transports the happy fews (statesmen, pop stars, Hollywood actors, and lots of famous writers and reporters) to splendid rooms and suites fitted for the elite.

Unless you visit Angkor during the low season (from the middle of April, until October), the hotel might be fully booked if you didn't schedule your stay a few months in advance. But no need to sleep there to enjoy the brilliant signature Champagne breakfast at Café d'Angkor,  or to experience one glass of Airavata: Siem Reap’s most celebrated cocktail, served only in the most celebrated Elephant Bar, this delicious blend of rum, coconut passion, lime juice, crème de banana, pineapple & coconut juice tastes as much colonial as the bar, patronized by so-smart French and British expats, reviving in style the good old time of a dreamed Indochina. If the staff is one of the best trained in Siem Reap, service can be surly at the bar...

RAFFLES GRAND HOTEL D'ANGKOR: 1 Vithei Charles de Gaulle, Khum Svay Dang Kum, Siem Reap, .
PHONE:   +855 63 963 888        TOLL FREE: +800 1 7233537  FACSIMILE:    +855 63 963 168

VICTORIA ANGKOR RESORT & SPA (*****L): Replica can sometimes look nicer than original. The best five-star luxury urban resort in Siem Reap, a direct competitor to the neighboring Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor, has been designed in a refined colonial victoria angkor resort spa tours by vintage citroen siem reaparchitecture without any “faux pas”. This is remarkable. It would have been so tempting to boost some marble here and there, alternating old and new, vintage and high-tech. Easier, and surely cheaper. But the investors at the origin of the project initiated in the 1990s were maybe also little bit poets: they let the architect play with the time, redistributing the 1920s into the 21st century.
The result is bluffing! The façade reflects the retro charm of the Belle Epoque, and guests picked up at the airport by an original Citroën C6 model 1930 are welcome with iced towels by anticipating, super-efficient staff. The lobby is not air-conditioned, but pleasantly swept by a natural draft, coming from the magnificent pool area and the Royal Gardens, located just in front the hotel. The boutique are smarts, some young and ravishing Khmer girls gently smile while working behind their silk waving loom, and a groom comes to show you the way to your room via one of the two sublime lifts made of mahogany in the 1900s…or much more recently. Some said they have been imported from France by steamboat; others, from South Korea, by Jumbo Jet. Never mind: we are indeed in the colonial atmosphere of French Indochina, and nothing could interfere with this impression. Even the bathrooms which some would call shabby (lots of wood, and an old tub), and which actually pair the lustrous rooms -and top-notch suites- opening to a pleasant balcony with a pool –or Royal Park- view. Of course, the flat-screen TV, telephone, and high-speed WiFi are here to reset our watch when needed; but travel into time started, and won’t stop until check out.

The Victoria Angkor attracts the same category of sophisticated tourists as the Raffles. American, Australian, British. Not so many Asian. Few Chinese: which is noteworthy in a city packed with tours from mainland China. French tourists literally fall in love with that place: their regular invasion participates, as much as the walls and furniture, in providing a living colonial atmosphere. With a cornucopia of delicacies available from the five-star buffet, breakfast at L’Escale pool-terrace is  usually echoing the accents of France, giving a sample of what living in Siem Reap was during the rich hours of the “Protectorate”. 

Managed by French, visited by French, the colonial essence of Victoria Angkor extends in one of the best F&B in town. The occupant from yesterday dropped the weapons, but still raise the fork and spoon to provide a distinctive cuisine to the regiments of gourmets visiting “Le Connaisseur”. We enjoyed there one of our most distinguished dinners in Cambodia. The place is classy. The waiters and waitress also. The chef is British, but a good translator to Escoffier.

We spent much time at pool-side. Large, nicely designed with a safety level for children (who can also enjoy the entertaining kids-club while the parents rest on their sun-bed), it is reputed top-5 best pools in Siem Reap. We loved the flowers and old trees carefully preserved by the architect. As much as we loved the worth-the-visit atrium, with its trees, fountains, pounds hosting fishes and turtles, and where the manager grows up lovingly a couple of young yet creepy crocodiles destinated to receive the rare claims from the clients... The hotel is very much involved in the protection of the nature in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

We couldn’t conclude our enthusiastic review  of Victoria Angkor without mentioning its signature: the temples tour by Citroën C6 1930 (sadly recently equipped with Japanese engine...), with a stylish driver in white uniform waiting for you at sunrise for a unique exploration of the Angkor Park ever. We visited it by van, tuk-tuk, bicycle… but never got the unmatched excitement of discovering Angkor like the privileged travelers did when the word "tourism" wasn't printed yet in the dictionary. Stopping our car in from of Angkor Wat, surrounded by local people (and hordes of tourists) asking to see the engine, and of course shooting us like if we were Hollywood movie stars. The price for the excursion was around USD 250. This is very fairly valued for such an emotional, guaranteed unforgettable journey.

VICTORIA ANGKOR RESORT & SPA: Central Park, PO Box 93145, Siem Reap
PHONE: +855 63 760 428

SARAI RESORT & SPA (*****): Inaugurated in March 2015, yet a World Luxury Hotel Awards winner, this is the unique Moroccan style hotel in Cambodia, and one of the top 10 most luxurious hotels in Siem Reap. A pure jewel nested in a quiet street, ten sarai resort and spa best luxury boutique hotel in siem reapminutes walk to the Old Market, French Quarter and all the bars, restaurants and further tourist attractions (it takes only 3 minutes to get there if you rent a bicycle at US$ 1per day).

Brand new, indeed, with a so-chic lobby opening on the most ritzy swimming pool in Siem Reap, this human sized boutique hotel thrown ribbons of stars all over our eyes. Five star for its supreme luxury, of course; but also myriads of stars composing Sarai's face painted on the wall, just behind the reception desk: guiding the traveller from East and West to the right address . The Korean group of college friends, founders of this hotel, are young humanists wishing to unite the universality of the religions, represented by the figure of Sarai / Sarah / Sara, to make their guests feel peaceful and serene. Getting rid of their stress in a reconstructing atmosphere.

We occupied a “Gold Chamber King Room”. Each room of this category has a pool view: which we contemplated, lulled by the air-conditioner, lying like pashas on the large couch installed along the bay windows. This is a new concept in many boutique hotels nowadays: the open-bathroom is nicely installed by the entrance of the soft-lighted room. It allows more space for bathing (there is a large tub), showering, or just shaving looking at the large multi-channel flat plasma Smart TV (featuring YouTube, NetFlix...) with a DVD player. We received complimentary fruits, fresh coconut cakes, and a code for accessing free high-speed Internet. We also found a "Handy" smartphone on our writting desk, to keep in touch with the hotel during our excursions, and to call free-of-charge some destinations like China and the USA. 

Sokhon, the anticipating and friendly resident manager, did everything to make us feel at home. He does a lot to pamper each guest individually, and will beg for a negative remark (hard to find one!) to immediately increase the quality of the service. He inquired directly with us the first day, then sent an email for evaluation...  and a second message one day after we checked-out. Thus, he knows his staff already perfectly: receptionists, maids, pool attendant and even some executives all come from the hospitality schools developed in Siem Reap and the rest of Cambodia by the owners of the Sarai Resort & SPA. The school caters only orphans and street children, train them using the same program as reputed western colleges of hospitality. They have an alter-ego relationship with the resident manager (Sokhon is himself an orphan), and the resorts works perfectly this way. Such a social initiative in the not-so-social Kingdom of Cambodia sounds like as original as remarkable.

If you wish to make your stay more than exceptional, simply book in a suite. There is a few of them: all are exceptional. We liked the “Terrace Suite”, with a spacious living room and a private mezzanine. The cream on the crop is the “Presidential Suite Pool”, boasting a double-height ceiling, a private mezzanine living room area with sun beds and... a personal swimming pool! We just loved it! Imagine your honeymoon or celebration in such a supreme environment!

The large common swimming pool is actually refreshing and elegant. Swimming in the pristine water after an exhausting walk in Siem Reap or a one day visit to the temples, is a reward. Just like a treatment in the so-boutique Seasons Spa. Offering unique treatments that blend ancient healing techniques. We experienced it back to the hotel after 10pm,
back from an exciting though tiring all-day tour: as the last clients for a smoothing experience under expert hands, using the best oils and essences. We loved the treatment suites, where a deep, efficient and actually fair value massage made us fall asleep like babies. 

Though Siem Reap provides plenty of delicious eateries of all sorts, take time to enjoy a dinner at the Goat Tree Garden Restaurant: specialties like Amok are fairly priced, and there is a good selection of wines and beers. The breakfast “à la carte” is one of the best that we had in Siem Reap: order the chef's Benedictine Eggs... the receipt is fantastic, and the cooking time perfectly respected. The bread tastes French, excellent, and the Danish pastries... actually Danish!

Highly ranked on Tripadvisor, this caravansary of luxury is one more proof that Cambodia and its private promotors are strugling hard to make this wonderful country a top destination in Asia for distinctive travellers.

SARAI RESORT & SPA: P.O. Box 93193, Wat Damnak Village, Sangkat Sala Komreuk Siem Reap City
PHONE: +855 63 962 200    FACSIMILE: +855 63 962 201

ANJALI BY SYPHON (*****L): Situated away from the dust and craziness of the city center, yet only seven minutes from Pub Street by complimentary tuk-tuk, Anjali has many qualities. First of all, it doesn't look like the other hotels in Siem Reap. Ninety percent of them anjali by syphon best luxury romantic boutique hotel five star siem reap angkor temple cambodiacopying more or less successfully the contemporary temple design, making us visiting a property after another without feeling a real difference. One single step into the ultra cozy lobby, decorated from wall to ceiling with shives of tropical wood and a deep velvet sofa for comfy check-in, makes all the difference. Owned by a Cambodian family, operating Anjali like a five-star luxury private house, it has plenty of personal touches which we loved at first sight.

The rooms are among the chicest which we have experienced in Cambodia. We have seen two categories. The “Superior King Room”, with a lovely balcony invaded by the greenery, offers a refreshing pool view. Large (35 sq.m), tastefully appointed, they are more than enough for a short stay. We booked in a “Junior Rooftop Suite”. An attic, with a very high ceiling, this is the dreamed lodging for a honeymoon. The consequent volume of the 52 sq.m suite, with a sophisticated in-room-bathroom, features a cozy seating area and, like it or not, a tub beside the kingsize Pullman bed (as comfy as the sumptuous Sofitel MyBed, which remains our reference in term of bedding quality). There is a large 10 sq.m lushly terrace, privately attached to each suite.

A high-tech hotel, Anjali is equipped with actually fast Internet (this is worth the mention in Cambodia..). Reading at bed was a pleasure, thanks to an efficient new generation round shape LED lamp. We could also plug a USB to watch our personal videos on the 42” LCD TV, equipped with a Samsung Sound Bar. Five-star indeed! We noted that our suite was efficiently sound-proofed: we visited Siem Reap during a peak wedding-season, with loud festivities starting from sunrise until sunset, and didn't even noticed it.

Hunkaar, by Chef  Hak Serey, taught in the Paul Dubrule School of Hospitality, before he joined Park Hyatt Hotel de La Paix, then Anjali, is one of the top 10 best gastronomic restaurants under a Siem Reap hotel roof. It seems that it welcomes more outsiders, usually local patrons, than hotel guests escaping to the animated French Quarter from 6 pm until late at night. This is a regretful, as the cuisine is worth an established Parisian bistro. We had a lavish dinner there, with the French general manager who spent her career with Accor. This largely explains the impeccable service, both in Hunkaar and the rest of the hotel. Starting from the poolside, magnificently invaded by the jungle, where we always received fresh water and an anticipating service each time we refreshed ourselves in the cool salted water pool.

We discovered this still confidential green hotel thanks to the Secret Retreats' essential catalog of the most refined hotels (cruises, restaurants, journeys, private villas...) in Asia.

ANJALI BY SYPHON:  #1705, Korean-Cambodian Friendship Road 30, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 63 965 600

GOLDEN TEMPLE VILLA (****L): The “Villa” used to be one of the first Golden Temple properties established a few years ago in Siem Reap. When the city was still a haunt for backpackers. Times changed, the quality of the visitors also. It was logical that the aging golden temple villa best luxury low cost boutique hotel in siem reap angkor cambodia“Villa” had been upgraded two years ago into one of the most charming, luxury yet affordable boutique hotel. Oddly ranked three-star by most of the on-line booking websites, it is obviously worth one more star in the luxury classification.

Meeting now all the extolled virtues the Golden Temple group, the GT Villa has one little bonus compared to its sister hotel: it is extremely affordable. The low rate (USD 50 until 100, depending on room type and season) is particularly exciting, due to the fact that the rooms are almost as comfy as in the GT Retreat or Residence, ranking top 10 best lodging in Siem Reap by Tripadvisor. The rooms are large: starting from 32 sq.m for a Deluxe Room or Luxury Room. The Premier Room offers a little bit more space (36 sq.m). We didn't notice much difference in the design: superb, and 100% Khmer. Mixing nostalgy and modernism, as always with Golden Temple. The group employs the best architects and designers in the country, and we always searched in vain anything tacky or inconvenient in their hotels. This is a frustrating game, as we are in the complete no-fault plan. Even the display of fragrant lotus flowers in the form of a heart over our bed was geometrically perfect: it took exactly 30 minutes to the charming room maids to manage this so romantic welcome procedure in our room... though we visited the hotel single. But never mind: pleasing the guest is the essence of the Golden Temple philosophy.

We liked the letters of the Khmer alphabet over the bed. We missed a little bit the curved Samsung Smart TV available in the other hotels of the group, but not at the Villa. It is unique in Siem Reap, and certainly the rest of Cambodia, and features YouTube and all the Samsung apps. But we are too demanding, and easily forget that we stay in a “low cost” Golden Temple property. All the rest conforms to the five star and five-star luxury hotels of the group: the bathrooms look like a small SPA, the design of every single item is sophisticated and... the breakfast is not four star at all, but six!

We are not trying to advertise the group, but Golden Temple is so omnipresent in Siem Reap, and also so competitive in everything, from night-clubs to massage parlors, that F&B should share the same standard. And it does. We were expecting a “boutique breakfast”, which tends quite often to be very limited in term of choice and quantity. Which was not the case at the “Villa”: we had everything... and more. Top quality, ultra fresh, and almost as gastronomic as at the unmatched GT Residence or splendid GT Boutique.

The service is perfect. On the occasion of our second stay, in March 2019, we found it almost as extravagant as in the Golden Temple high-end hotels. Two of the staff even recognized our face! We liked the pool very much: with ginger tea, grilled peanuts, and freshly cut fruits served as soon as we reached our sunbed ... Like in the priciest GT hotels, where the rate can be twice or thrice higher. Also, upon check-in (featuring a fancy welcome drink with Khmer desserts), we received a voucher for complimentary snacks, fruits and sandwiches available anytime we couldn't be back in the hotel for lunch or dinner!

If you are on a limited budget and look for a classy experience not far from Pub Street, do not hesitate: this is from our long experience the best address in Siem Reap.

GOLDEN TEMPLE VILLA: Sok San Road, Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 63 215 555          FACSIMILE: +855 63 761 222

Situated in the semi-rural area of Salakamreuk, only ten minutes from the Old French Quarter («Pub Street»), we enjoyed a few marvelous days in this nicely designed resort. It is smart, indeed, displaying a modern architecture contrasting with antique Khmer statues
metta residence best luxury boutique hotels siem reap near angkorsettled amongst the lushly gardens. The poolside is particularly attractive, and some rooms have direct access to the awesome swimming pool. This is where a «happy hours» Palm Pool-Bar party is traditionally organized at sunset, with excellent cocktails served free of charge, daily, between 6 and 7 pm! This is a bonus usually reserved to the club lounges of much more expensive five-star luxury hotels; we found here a sample of the legendary Khmer hospitality.

Though we visited the Metta Residence during the peak of COVID in Cambodia, the service was better compared to a vast majority of the other hotels in Siem Reap. 50 % of them were still closed, or operating with much-reduced staff. This was the case here too, but they worked so hard and efficiently, always with a smile, that we have been treated like nawabs. At breakfast for instance, served a la carte (or buffet when the occupancy is higher), with anticipation and quality. The Maitri restaurant is stylish, and it has an open-air theater for traditional Khmer ballet shows.

Aesthetically designed and furnished, all rooms are large, bright, and clean. Equipped with a private balcony, they are extremely quiet, with a soothing atmosphere after a tiring day-long visit to the nearby Temples, located 20 minutes away by cheap tuk-tuk.

For more intimacy, and ideal for those on a honeymoon, there are three Villas
. Two of them are equipped with a small pool.

There is a nicely appointed, reputed Spa;  but it was closed during our visit, and should reopen by mid-June 2022.

METTA RESIDENCE & SPA: Phum Salakamreuk, Sangkat Salakamreuk, Siem Reap, Cambodia.
PHONE: +855 85 87 0000 / +855 15 83 8888

KHMER MANSION RESIDENCE (****L): This fairly priced hotel is real family heaven, close to the city center, and close to plentiful small Khmer restaurants and pubs. The palatial, Buddhist temple-shaped lobby, gives an impression of grandeur. But the rest of the hotel is tiny and intimate, green and khmer mansion residence best luxury boutique hotels siem reap near angkorenchanting, settled around the lovely swimming pool where we liked to swim and relax all day long: we were lucky, and booked in one of the 10 ground floor Residence Suites, with direct access to the pool. It has other pleasant rooms, including well-thought ones with three beds and more, ideal for families; but should you come for a romantic stay, don’t hesitate and request a Residence Suite, indeed.

Larger than the other rooms (yet spacious with an average of 50sq.m over colorful tiled flooring), our 80 sq.m suite was lavishly decorated with Khmers artifacts, had a large bathroom with a stone tub, and also a secret flowered garden in the back of the room which was unexpected and most pleasant. Just like the best hotels in that category, it has a 43’ LED Smart TV which we used a lot for mirroring our music and video from our smartphone, fridge, safe, and everything you need, or not, in a nicely equipped four-star luxury resort. Hotels in Siem Reap are amongst the best in Southeast Asia, and the Khmer Mansion is a part of them.

We visited the hotel during the peak of COVID in Cambodia, and the restaurant didn’t reopen yet. But it looked lovingly designed, settled along the pool area. The Kalyaney SPA was still closed also, but both facilities should operate again in Summer 2022.

There is a cooking class at the poolside, featuring a tour of the local markets by tuk-tuk to select the fresh ingredients used for a great and easy introduction to the Khmer cuisine by a local chef. This is an inexpensive and funny experience.

The Khmer Mansion Residence is a popular address in Siem Reap, due to its smart service and really good value for money accommodation.

KHMER MANSION RESIDENCE: Sok San Road, Steung Thmei Village, Svay Dangkum Commune, Siem Reap, Kingdom Of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 63 210 888 / +855 12 850 909

LYNNAYA URBAN RIVER RESORT & SPA (****L): We enthusiastically discovered this refined resort, nestled along the riverside, in such a strategic location that you won't need a tuk-tuk to wander in the pleasant park between the Royal Palace and the historic Raffles lynnaya best luxury hotel romantic hotel riverside hotel angkor siem reap cambodiaGrand Hôtel d'Angkor, or experience the excited night-life in the effervescent Old French Quarter. Despite of such a premium touristic environment, Lynnaya remains an oasis of peace and greenery, with paths shadowed by banana trees, statues of Khmer divinities all around, and nostalgic pictures of a nostalgic time when Cambodia was unanimously described as the pearl of the French Indochina.

When more and more hotels cater groups of middle-class Chinese tourists, Lynnaya deals with premium hospitality. By a lot of aspects (riverside location, anticipation of the young and well trained staff, exclusive rooms, refined F&B... and stylish guests), it looks like very much one of our top five preferred resorts in Siem Reap: the amazing Jaya House. This is its low-cost reflection: at only one-third of the price, we met the same exquisite luxury. The average rate during the low season is approximately USD80 per night // USD 120 during the high season. Such an exceptional value for money makes it one of the most booked hotels in town, and it took us two approaches to find a room in November (beginning of the peak season). Like most of the hotels in Siem Reap, it has more availability -and special last minute offers- from March until the end of October.

We have been welcomed by a reception staff in its 20s, very much service oriented. Smiling and efficient. Check-in is fast, sitting in the bright lobby, enjoying a welcome drink. The one and three-story buildings are nicely designed, and partly hidden by the urban jungle. We prefer the rooms oriented to the gardens and pool. Some rooms with a riverside view can be slightly noisy at daytime; yet very quiet after the night falls, because this area is strictly residential. There are only 18 Deluxe Bungalows rooms and 7 Junior Suites in the new wing. And 21 Deluxe Garden View rooms in the main wing. We stayed in one of them. It has the Khmer minimalist style, with lots of space (40 sq.m), quality Khmer contemporary art items designed by local artists, and handmade tiles providing a cool temperature (we didn't need to switch on the air-conditioning a lot, despite the scorching heat outside). Some rooms have a lovely hardwood floor. We like the long concrete writing desk, the LG 42' Smart TV connected to the Internet, and the beautiful bathroom, with a rain shower (but no tube, available only in the Junior Suites, and romantically set in the open air). The beds are extremely comfy, with four anti-allergic pillows, and prime quality linen sheets by Siesta BWM.

We spent much time at refreshing pool-side. Though the hotel was full during our visit, 60% of the sunbeds were not occupied. Making relaxation and swimming particularly easy. No children. We got the impression that Lynnaya was a place for couples, enjoying the facilities (pool, massage, restaurant) until the sunset (best observed from the Palate Sky Bar), then heading to Pub Street for dinner. Though F&B is very tempting in the hotel.

The breakfast at the chic Palate Angkor restaurant is faultless, with a rich buffet, and a five-star service. We had a classy and tasty dinner, preferring to seat al-fresco in the Palate Sky Bar. The place is popular between 5 and 7 pm for its “happy hours” cocktails, on the deal “pay one get two”. We sipped one of the best Singapore Sling in the city, and one Strawberry Daiquiri as original as in La Havana for... less than USD 6 for both! The price of a coffee in Paris. There was a great “a la carte”, illustrated with depicting picture to ease our choice; but we went for the best set menu (at USD 25), featuring a selection of prime specialties, like Cambodian River Lobster and Australian Sirloin Steak.

The resort is the house to the Nirvana SPA, reputed for its Khmer Therapeutic massages and Body Wrap Therapy.

Best location, best service, and best value: this is one of our most recommended hotels in Siem Reap.

LYNNAYA URBAN RESORT: Acha Sva Road, Street 20, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 63 96 77 55    FACSIMILE: +855 63 96 77 56

HILLOCKS HOTEL & SPA (****L): So new, so nice! Siem Reap goes up to the highest standards of service and discreet luxury thanks to prime quality resorts like this. Splendid location, five minutes by bicycle to Pub Street. Remarkable service by young and enthusiastic staff (some of them had been trained by Golden Temple, which is our reference in Siem Reap). And noticeable design. Our third stay in November 2018 confirmed our first impression: there is no resort like Hillocks anywhere else in Siem Reap...and Cambodia!

The classy 38 suites and villas have been set on hillocks, in a lushly garden of Eden. Trees were still being planted during our stay, under the control of the young hillocks resort spa best luxury boutique hotels siem reap angkor cambodia asiaowner investing his time (and surely money) to develop what we consider as one of our favorite villas resorts in Siem Reap. Only Templation could beat Hillocks, in term of architecture and nature. What matters first is Eco-system: everything has been done not to interference with the environment. Geckos, frogs, birds of Paradise are sharing the residents' relaxing life. Imagine that the salted water infinity pool comes with a view of private rice-fields! The property of the hotel... planted and cultivated by the hotel guests. We have seen here the nicest sunset ever. The place is magic! It would take us too many useless words to describe our impressions. We spent much time at poolside, and wandering in the gardens. The resort has been designed such a way, that we always found shade and breeze.

The villas, designed in the Californian style, are large and modern. They have four apartments, from 50sqm for the very affordable Deluxe Suites, till 150 sqm for the Presidential Suite tailored made for long-stay. We booked a 60sqm Villa Suite. Is it by the high ceiling or the window walls opening to the greenery? It looked larger indeed. Mixing simple yet smart furniture freely inspired by a 1960s design, decorated with contemporary Khmer art items, they develop a real touch of discreet luxury. No bling, no “faux pas”, but a harmonious, distinguished decoration, indeed. The dark-stone tub, shaped like a riverboat, is such a piece of art! There is of course HDTV, complimentary high-speed WiFi, and all that you may expect in a four-star superior hotel.

The Kravan SPA strategically stands opposite the pool. After swimming and sun-tanning, we had a soothing aromatherapy massage by the ravishing and very professional Lina. She has sweet hands and strong muscles, and makes it alternatively soft and deep: a sensual pleasure for the skin, and a medecine for the tissues. The massage suites are Zen,  technically and visually perfect. We found the rate reasonable for a hotel of this category: starting from USD 25.00 for a 45minutes
Chakra Head and Shoulder Massage, performed in the recently beautified massage suites. The whole English speaking staff if young, smart, and well trained from the best massage schools in Siem Reap. We consider more and more Hillocks as a SPA resort, rather than a resort with a SPA. It has all to please someone in search of rejuvination, with plenty of extremely attractive room + treatments package.

The Green Hill restaurant is good, though usually quite empty: we are in Siem Reap, where visitors are either too exhausted to dine after a long day spent touring the temples, either curious to experience the night-life at Pub Street. We enjoyed a lot the BBQ Buffet Dinner, with steaks and seafood. The cooking class is entertaining and instructive. Their buffet breakfast is nice, and the staff very kind and anticipating. We have been addressed by name during the whole stay; which is classy, and shows how much the once disparaged local management now reached the best level of Western competency.

There is a complimentary shuttle to and from the airport. To make it more stylish, two vintage Mercedes from the 1950s and 1970s, and a Mini Austin from the 1980's, are at guests' disposal. You can also rent a chauffeured Jeep to explore the city and the temples adventurously.

HILLOCKS HOTEL & SPA: Sala Kamreuk Village, Sala Kamreuk Commune, Siem Reap City, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 63 966 699,  63 966 698


PHKA CHAN (****L):
An awesome new property, located in the best-rated area in Siem Reap, it stands in a quiet lane, just two minutes from Pub Street by tuk-tuk or bicycle. A small hotel but a major investment, Phka Chan seduced us at first sight with its attractive, phka chan best luxury boutique hotels resorts siem reap angkorcontemporary architecture with a 1960s nostalgic touch. Targeting quality tourists, the property has been designed for the individual traveler searching for serenity and authenticity.

All rooms have a view on the splendid salted water swimming pool. The largest one is the duplex 62 sq.m
Executive Suite. It has the same size as the Family Suite, with a little more comfort and decoration. Both have a separate living room, with a small cuisine which can be useful for long stay guests. The separate bedroom, with private bathtub, accessible by a stylish staircase, can accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 children.

Our preferred category of rooms, “Double Deluxe Bathtub”,  principally located at the group floor, have direct access to the pool. We found them spacious (20 sq.m), and particularly pleasant due to the abundance of natural light, alternating with the warm concrete walls: a signature in many boutique hotels in town, referring to the sacred and mysterious interior of the nearby Temple of Angkor. We loved the huge open-air tub connecting to the lavish bathroom. All rooms provide a Zen austerity, facilitating relaxation and meditation: a great place to read and work a bit on tablet or PC (WiFi is complimentary). Though, we mostly spend our free time tanning over the super comfy sunbeds at poolside, covered with a thick ergonomic mattress.

Drinks and snacks served at the pool are astonishingly affordable for a five-star hotel. So far for the cuisine in the Phka Chan restaurant, with sappy Khmer, French and Italian cuisine. A vegetarian option can also be requested. This is where a nice a la carte breakfast, assorted to a small buffet, is served. It is usually included in a room rate starting from approximately USD 50 in the post-opening period/mid-season (we stayed at Phka Chan in April 2019).

There is a small, well-equipped gym, with a lovely pool view.

The smiling and efficient staff could assist us within a minute with tours, restaurants reservations, or any further request. Already ranked by as one of the best hotels in Siem Reap (
noted 9.5 / 10), Phka Chan is managed by a Khmer, English and French speaking director coming from the fantastic, but much more pricey Angkor Victoria.

PHKA CHAN: Steung Thmei, 12000 Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia.
PHONE: +063 961 666

  «Excellent» by Agoda, «Wonderful» by, and 8/10 by “Telegraph Travel Expert Rating”, this boutique hotel looks so discreet from outside that we long time skipped it driving along. The impression came once we best luxury romantique hotels angkor siem reap cambodiastepped into the small, temple designed lobby. Welcomed by the stone statue of Indra Devi, the second wife of King Jayavarman VII, next to a tree planted in front of the gate accessing to the residential area and poolside.

Nature and meditation are the essence of a place inspired by Buddhist elements for a peaceful life : water, earth, wind, and fire. Providing a serene, rejuvenating stay in one of our favorite areas of the city. Kamreuk / Wat Damnak is close to everything : the Old French Quarter (five minutes by tuk-tuk), and the temples of Angkor (only 20 minutes). This is what we call a travelers' hotel, indeed : during our one week stay at Solitaire Kamreuk, we haven't be annoyed by noisy tourists, large families, or groups splashing in the lovely golden-tiled swimming pool.

We had a direct access to it. Our neighbors told us: “-We feel like living in a private villa!”. That was our impression from arrival until check out. Solitaire Kamreuk has 16 rooms until now (the addition of more luxury villas and a second pool is scheduled by the end of 2019), but gives the impression of enjoying a small luxury family house. There is a nice set of the suites: try to book in advance in a much-wanted Suite King Pool View, on the ground floor. There are only four of them. We stayed in #108. One of the most wanted, with the same huge volumes, very high ceiling, as in all the other suites. The design is never the same: yet, with always classy wooden furniture, large sofas which can be used as a bed for kids or an extra guest. We loved the Toshiba Smart TV, the lavish bathroom with its open-air XXL stone tub set among a small lushly interior garden.

There is a cosy restaurant restaurant in the lobby (extending from May 2019 to a large and lushly new rooftop terrace) serving local Khmer specialties. It has cooking classes. Romantic private dinner, and Khmer picnic can be easily managed. Breakfast is à la carte. We enjoyed it everyday al fresco, in our pool terrace. The staff is very local; which means authentically friendly: so happy to serve guests from around the world.

The rate is very local too... During the time of our visit, at the beginning of the peak season (November), a pool view room was charged around USD 50, including breakfast and airport transfers.

SOLITAIRE KAMREUK RESORT:  Salakamreuk Road, Salakamreuk Village, Siem Reap City, Kingdom of Cambodia.
PHONE:+855 63 766 407         HOTLINE: +855 12 409 603

We liked our stay at Popular Residence a lot, a couple of years ago, and wished to discover its sister hotel. D'Popular was in its soft opening the day of our visit, and we experienced an upgraded version of the Popular Residence. Located in d'popular best luxury boutique hotel siem reap angkor cambodiathe same green, still untouched rural area, it gives the impression of exploring remote provinces...though Pub Street is only located five minutes away by a complimentary tuk-tuk ride (one way; guests can come back by cheap -2 dollars- public tuk-tuk or using Passap).

This bucolic location comes with a lot of bonuses: the noise of the insects, the birds' song, and the sacred psalms emanating from the neighboring pagodas. This is Cambodia we like!

D'Popular displays a smart, modern architecture, with lots of trees and plants. With its white facade, it hasn't the austere concrete aspect of many hotels in Siem Reap. We liked the U shape design of the building, surrounding a large, most pleasant salted water pool. We also liked the attention of the staff, presenting us one glass of water after a few minutes spent over our comfy and shady sun-bed. Very young, yet very well trained, they really treated us five-star more than four during our stay. Our room was made up when we had breakfast, and we received most anticipating care all the time, and until check out, when a Krama Khmer scarf was presented to us as a farewell gift.

The 30 rooms were, of course, as spotless as it should be on a soft opening. Large, very large indeed! We didn't expect 50 sq.m at the low introductory price found in the D'Popular special offers. At less than USD 50, that was a giveaway. Siem Reap is more competitive than ever in term of rates. Moreover during the low season (our stay was in May). But here the quality was at its top. Very comfy king-size bed, pleasant open-air bathroom with a boat-shaped stone tub, sophisticated Toshiba large screen SmartTV and, last but not least, direct access to the pool for those staying at the ground floor of this two-story only building.

There is a small open-air gym, and a massage room. The well-trained masseuses are hired from the well established Sokkhak SPA.

This is a green hotel: no plastic at all in the room. Efficient anti-mosquitoes treatment is done by non-toxic fumigation.

We also liked the generous breakfast a la carte, which we enjoyed at the poolside restaurant. Breezy and romantic, with the staff always caring so much of us, and always excited to chat with their foreign guests. The kindness of Siem Reap people is well represented in this most recommended family oriented hotel.

RESORT D'POPULAR: Sala Komreuk road, Sangkat Sala Komreuk, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 98 783 425

SAKMUT BOUTIQUE HOTEL (****L): Another newbie, but not the least, this luxury boutique hotel, full of charm and with a remarkable service (we have been addressed by name during our stay), stands only 10 minutes maximum by complimentary tuk-tuk from the sakmut boutique hotel spa best luxury boutique hotel siem reap angkor cambodiaOld Market / Pub Street, and also to the temples. Moreover, it is located not far from Siem Reap International Airport, in a one one of the cleanest residential area, surrounded by lovely wooden houses and luxury mansions. Arriving at Sakmut Boutique Hotel gives an engaging impression of the wonderful Siem Reap.

The open lobby is very boutique, mixing charming touches of the Khmer culture (with elegantly displayed lotus flowers and an opulent spirit house) with supreme European comfort. Guests don't check-in at the reception counter, but seated in a classy pale-blue sofa, sipping a welcome drink.

From our first contact with the hotel, we noticed that it hires lots of well-trained bilingual staff, poached from the best hotels. It therefore just took a minute to obtain whatever we wanted: should it be at the reception, in the rooms, restaurant or SPA.

Due to its location, the hotel, which we rather like to call a resort, is amazingly quiet. It has a lot of greenery all around. Which doesn't seem to be enough, as the management is growing banana trees on a terrace to make it greener and greener. The fitness center has been set in nature, al fresco: which is unique in Siem Reap. The pool is among the most pleasant in Siem Reap: almost oversized for such a tiny 56 rooms and suites hotel. As far as the Infinity SPA, surrounded by water ponds, with a semi-open roof planted with a tree. Very classy, it offers more space than in many boutique hotels. Besides the three luxurious therapy rooms, it has separate male and female sauna/steam rooms / and a hot Jacuzzi (around 40 degrees) among gardens in a semi-open setting. So well designed! We experience this SPA many times during our stay, as it was actually atmospheric. The Khmer, Chinese and Swedish treatments are more than affordable. We particularly enjoyed the very classic Aromatherapy Massage, utilizing essential oils from local plants, leaves, and flowers, at only USD 35 per hour.

The contemporary rooms and suites are large and appealing. Featuring colors of sand, deep blue, white and light gray, with a most pleasant writing desk behind the king-size bed in Premier Deluxe Rooms. Ours was set like a “cabana”, with a direct access to the pool. Giving us the illusion that we were in Kep or Sihanoukville; not in Siem Reap at all. The Sakmut Boutique Hotel has all of a seaside resort. Getting there, back from the temples, is particularly refreshing and pleasant. The bathrooms are smart: particularly in the Premier Deluxe Rooms, with a Japanese style sliding door separating the bath, with a nice hardwood flooring, from the bedroom. Room rate starts from approximately USD 60 during the low season. 

The Candi Restaurant is trendy and cool. We had one of the top 5 best breakfasts a la carte experienced during our long visit to Siem Reap. The bacon served with the fried eggs is unique: we never tasted such a crispy, tasty and light one in our long foody's life. Great bakeries (extra “chocolatines”!) and excellent coffee of course, as expected in a five-star hotel. The orange juice is 100% natural, made from instant pressed organic fruits. We recommend the Asian dishes: like “Mee Cha” Cantonese style yellow noodles stir-fried with seafood, or “Kuy Teav” soup with vegetable and chicken. At lunch or dinner time, don't miss the “Fish Amok”, which we found much better than in “Pub Street” touristy restaurants.

This dreamed hotel is an exception in Siem Reap, with its lavish “VIP Lounge”, uniquely for the happy few guests staying in Premier de Luxe and Oasis Suite. This is, with Sofitel, the unique hotel to propose a club lounge: with complimentary breakfast, afternoon-tea and cocktails.

SAKMUT BOUTIQUE HOTEL: No #441 Phum Krous, Sangkat Svay Dangkum, Khrong Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia 
PHONE: +855 63 766 256

The Memoire Group of hotel's crown jewel was in a soft opening during our stay, in April 2018. We were amongst very first guests to discover the newest four-star luxury hotel, in a city mostly dedicated to guest houses up to best palace hotels five star luxury hotels spa fitness resorts siem reap angkor cambodia memoire palacefour-star boutique lodging. A palace indeed, the name speaks true, oddly locatedby contrast in a dusty and quite poor looking working class area, which doesn't fit a luxury hotel at all. Yet, the hotel stands five-minute tuk-tuk journey to Pub Street.

The concept reflects the history of Cambodia. With a palatial teak-wood and marble lobby (certainly the ritziest in town), designed in a magnificent Khmer style, and colorful colonial villas with a direct access to the giant pool. Their 1950s French design extends to the rooms. We had been promised five stars and, indeed, got them stepping in our “Grand Pool Suite” (#107 “Angkor”). Only upscale hotels provide so much volume, high ceiling, carefully waxed hardwood flooring, and lavish white-marble bathrooms with double sinks. This is an absolute luxury, indeed. No tacky. No bling. Only comfort and distinction. We loved at first sight the light in the room, reflected by the pale green and blue walls The violet sofa, and blue lightning surrounding the king-size bed are tasty fantasy, emphasizing the deliberately fancy atmosphere of this very unique suite. There is a large terrace-patio with a bed, from where we could embrace the property and pool.

Both spectacular and romantic, this is the kind of place we'd like to book to impress a girlfriend, or to reward a business partner. We ourselves felt like enjoying a gift; this the kind of hotels which we'd like to spoil us with only on a special occasion...

The Memoire Palace Resort & SPA has many highlights. The service is exceptional. Upon check-in, guests are conveyed to their room by cyclo. A reference to the nostalgic time, and also a convenient way to circulate within this large property. A breakfast time, a myriad of waiters and hostesses took care of us as well as in the Bristol Paris or Ritz Carlton Central Park New York. It was served à la carte the days of our visit, due to limited operation. The casual Aha Udom, and more classy, gastronomic Stage 1960's restaurants are supervised by Chef Corentin Hennion, which we already knew from a delicious dinner that he prepared for us at the cool yet reputed Ten Bells, in the Old French Quarter. He preferred escaping the sumptuous Plaza Athénée Paris to be a pioneer in the wild Siem Reap, where gastronomy sounds like an abstract word... except in his restaurant of course!

One of the nicest SPA in town, the Memoria SPA has a “Remedial Healing” program enhancing immune system with natural remedial healing products against the inner pollution, using typical Cambodian spice krasain, tamarind, ginger lemongrass, lemon and other to organically remedy the skin, muscle, and immune system.

MEMOIRE PALACE RESORT & SPA: Psar Kraoum Road, Svay Dangkum Commune Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 637 66588

NAVUTU DREAMS (****L): Siem Reap one and only wellness retreat, this five star resort has been tailored made for those wishing to re-balance, rejuvenate, meditate...or just relax in style. A travel destination in itself, Navutu Dreams, mixes perfection, originality and navutu dreams wellness spa resort best luxury hotels siem reap angkor cambodia southeast asiabeauty. Three unforgettable days in that gate to Paradise were enough to understand why so many guests are returning, flouting the nearby Angkor Wat to make the most of the resources of this pride of South East Asian hospitality.

Our Navutu experience started with a short ride to a still undiscovered part of Siem Reap: a “road to Hell”, shaken like milk, catching hold of our seat until we stopped in from of our well merited Heaven. During the quick, exclusive check-in, we had been instructed of all the facilities. How to use our complimentary tuk-tuk to go anywhere, anytime in the city center (Pub Street and the Riverside are only 5 minutes away)! Introduction to SPA, yoga, meditation, acupuncture and traditional medical massages, and further activities.

The property features 28 rooms. Ours was a one of the six, exclusive 70 sq.m “Grand Tour Rooms”. Isolated from the neighbors by a  welcoming, well-manicured private garden with a veranda, it faces one of the three swimming pools: boasting the largest green space of all hotels in Siem Reap, the resort offers to its surprised guests a 18 meter freshwater sports lap pool, a saltwater lounge pool and -that was our favorite- a lagoon style pool with a child-friendly plunge pool. The resort is made of bonuses like this or, for instance, the access from our room to a roof terrace where private dinners or cocktails can be managed spontaneously: admiring in style the beautiful rice fields surrounding the property. It took us less than a few minutes to understand why this category of room was booked far in advance for wedding, honeymoon (this is a Top 15 Luxurious Honeymoon Hotspots by Condé Nast Johansens),  or simply to relax away from the crowds of tourists storming Siem Reap during the high season... Each “Grand Tour Room” has a stylish, unique lay-out. No bling at all; but a so-classy, yet unpretentious minimalist design which shows up a quality hotel for quality guests. A large suite? A private villa? Our room reflected both. We liked the atypical shape of the “Grand Tour”, the local hardwood, sandstone and lake pebble flooring. Precious pieces of Laotian and Khmer Tribal Art bring a cultural feel in a room, which initially comes with a Mediterranean touch (the owners are Italian). The lovely semi-circular tub with a view of our private garden is appointed with a generous set of organic toiletry.

Two other categories of rooms are available in the same eco-chic design. The “Explorer Rooms” are smaller (45 sq.m), but cozy and comfy. The cream of the crop, the 4 “Grand Suites” occupying the newest two pavilions, are large enough (100 sq.m) to host a family: with one bedroom with a king-size bed, plus a separate living room which can be converted to a second bedroom with 2 single beds.

The space, equipment and specialists dedicated only to wellness is by definition better than in any other hotel in Siem Reap. Yoga and meditations constitute one of the residents' favorite activity. Hatha / Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Iyengar Yoga are some of the main disciplines taught and practiced at Navutu Dreams. Meditation is part of it, transforming the resort in a chic temple.  Reiki, Chinese and Ayurvedic Medecine are successful specialties which inspired us quite a lot. We experienced a traditional Shiatsu massage with François: an interesting French gentleman who, after spending a few years as a monk, initiated himself to traditional medicine (TCM) in Vietnam. A master in acupuncture,  he also practices “Cupping”: applying pressure by creating a vacuum on the skin to dispel stagnant blood and lymph nodes, thereby improving Qi flow. François also likes to treat his patients with Auriculotherapy; stimulating the ears to create multiple nervous reflections to the rest of the body. This is ideal to re-balance the brain and global equilibrium. Was it by auto-suggestion or not, we left his cabinet in a  great shape, actually.

The Navutu SPA is the place for classical massages, body scrubs, facials and wraps incorporating local organic ingredients.

Some guests like the serene ambiance of the resort so much, that they don't step outside during their stay. This is why the management considers F&B seriously. “Niam Niam” restaurant serves a palatable organic cuisine, in a breezy “sala” pleasantly located between two swimming pools! Besides the “a la carte”, all personal options are possible if you want to have your fish or meat panned, grilled or steamed. Due to the concept of this wellness resort, vegetarian cuisine is delectable, with rice paddy herbs, lemongrass, fresh basil and plenty of fruits from the neighboring gardens.  

Besides the excellent service and the amazing beauty of this resort, our best souvenir is as simple as life may be in Cambodia: smoking a cigar laying in front of the deserted poolside, when all the guests are fast asleep, observing the stars and listening to the song of the insects and the psaulms by the monks protecting our souls behind the wall separating us from their secret temple. The brand doesn't lie: Navutu feels like a dream, indeed.

NAVUTU DREAMS RESORT: Navutu Rd, Krong Siem Reap 17251, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 63 964 864

Reflecting such a nice colonial atmosphere, this nostalgic and quiet boutique hotel made us quite an impression just stepping in the shady lobby, with greenery everywhere, and lovely artworks of Khmer contemporary artist Theam exhibited pavillon d'orient best boutique hotel angkor siem reapamongst period furniture. If the management doesn't wish to promote the hotel in the luxury category, it is a definition of a classy lodging at a fair price.

Welcome in one of our favorite hotels in Siem Reap! We liked many factors at Pavillon d'Orient. This is, first of all, a fairly priced hotel, with rooms from USD 45 in the low season: nice, reflecting three star superior standards, they are located in the older pavilion, with a view on the first swimming pool. The hotel newest extension has got a second more contemporary salted-water pool (the hotel is eco-responsible) with a SPA room nearby. Its rooms and junior-suites / family suite are actually four-star, with private lacquerware and Khmer art exhibition in each room, which is quite unique in Siem Reap, a ceiling fan, colonial furniture... This all provides more character to a perfectly homey lodging, with a large terrace with a romantic pool-view. We felt like staying in a villa, not in a hotel.

Another bonus is the location. Mid-way between the city and the temples, by a privatized hotel tuk-tuk, which guests can use as much as they want on a complimentary basis if they booking their stay directly with the hotel. It takes ten minutes maximum to get to Pub Street, and the same time to get to Angkor, after purchasing a pass on your way at the official Ticket Office, 600 meters from the hotel. Upon check-in, each guest receives a well-documented book about the temples, which he can keep during the whole stay. Of course, the reception staff can manage plenty of exciting attractions like helicopter flights (starting from around USD 100), diner cruises, Apsara shows...

The breakfast is most pleasant at Pavillon d'Orient. It can be enjoyed absolutely anytime...even in the afternoon! Which is another bonus. The buffet is limited to a few items, and guests can order hot and fresh dishes a la carte (the chicken sausages are the best we had in Siem Reap). It is of course included in the room rate. The restaurant “Le Planteur” is not air-conditioned, but located in a breezy “sala” opposite the new swimming pool, in the lush gardens. We enjoyed there most pleasant breakfast, with a very personalized service as, between 8 and 9 am, most of the clients are visiting the temples or still sleeping. Once again, we had the impression to stay in a private mansion, served by stylish staff. It makes Pavillon d'Orient more like a “special lodging” than a hotel, indeed.

PAVILLON D'ORIENT: Road no 60, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 63 760 646,  +855 98 655 738


SOKKHAK BOUTIQUE RESORT (****L): In Sanskrit “sokkhak” means tranquility, and its materialistic expression is located in a remote, very local street of Siem Reap. Halfway between the city center and the temples, tucked away from the hustle and bustle, this secret sokkhak  boutique resort best luxury hotel siem reapresort hides behind white walls along a bumpy street. One single step in the carefully maintained gardens, concentrating the precious essences of hibiscus, frangipanis, and orchids, made us say to ourselves: “-We found the dreamed hotel!”.

Initially a private residence, it represents the antithesis of a hotel. The staff behind the monumental doors walks barefoot, like servants in a Khmer private mansion. Check-in is managed in style, sitting in the living room; the reception is discreetly limited to a small desk. The restaurant features only four or five tables. It serves remarkable Khmer cuisine, at a bargain price. Hotels guests are offered a 10% discount on F&B,  returning just for the Beef Tenderloin Salad, with lemongrass and shallot, the Fresh Spring Rolls with Khmer herbs, or the Khmer Seafood with Kampot Pepper. Breakfast, a la carte, is really gourmet with Traditional Khmer Waffles or Pan-Fried Ginger Bananas wrapped in Bacon. Few restaurants wake you up the Khmer way in the international Siem Reap!

All rooms are different in size, design, and luxury. The hotel was full the day of our stay: which gave us the chance to experience two categories of accommodation in two nights.

We started with a Junior Suite, and loved it immediately. First for or its setting just opposite the ravishing salted water pool: we had a direct access to the gardens, with only a few paths to get to our sunbed. That was the opportunity to see how classy were the residents; a mixture of cultured French, British and Australian travelers during our visit, at the end of the rainy season (November). That type of room reflects all the charms of Asian hospitality. Spacious, indeed, with hardwood / tiled floor, a smooth king-size bed, decorated with modern and antique Khmer nicely handcrafted items, orchids, and lotus flowers, it has that touch of class which actually pleases the eye. Thumbs up to the bathrooms, with a super large stone tub, and much space for showering (with a good water pressure...which is worth the mention in Cambodia...). Also, we liked the actually high-speed WiFi complimentary connection.

Our second night, with an upgrade to the Home Suite, the most prestigious and largest room, positioned in a traditional Khmer wooden house with inspired contemporaneous decorum, was supremely comfy and classy. Chesda, the excellent, anticipating manager, was proud to introduce us his best product. Few hotels in Siem Reap, even in the five-star category, can propose such a personalized and richly appointed suite. A  home in the home, it is located on the first floor, with a jumping poolside view from the large terrace. We liked the precious statue of Buddha, the antique furniture, and all the imaginative decoration of this room fitted for relaxation and brainstorming. Its refined atmosphere is alternatively soothing and energizing. The cherry on the cake consists in enjoying an en-suite Khmer massage, as a ultime bonus from the stay in this warmly recommended resort.

SOKKHAK BOUTIQUE RESORT: Kok Chork Village, Trorpeang Ses Commune, Wat Thmery, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 (0) 63 76 56 60/ 63 76 56 97


 ANGKOR PARADISE (****L): During your stay in Angkor, if your budget doesn't match the Raffles or Golden Temple Residence rates, do not hesitate and straightly book in the nearby and very central Angkor Paradise Hotel. This is also a real four-star superior property, which we would rank in the same upper class tourist category as Meridien. The difference comes best luxury charming hotel angkor siem reapfrom the fantastic quality of this 169 rooms serene hotel,  which is 100% Cambodian; both in style and services. Though the classy, well kept building is not more than 12 years old, it looks like authentically colonial: constructed with solid stones and concrete, featuring precious tropical wood everywhere from the palatial lobby, monumental stairs, up to the huge rooms with shinny parquets and precious Khmer furniture, we loved at first sight our home away from home. Should you stay in a "Deluxe Double Pool View" (our favourite, with a large terrace and a relaxing view on one of the largest and deepest -2.2m- swimming pools in Siem Reap), in a ravishing 2-rooms "Executive Suite", or in the 130 sq.m "Presidential Suite" (we spent one privileged night in this impressive apartment with a fabulous Temples view, featuring a master bedroom and a large living-room with a large bar and individual dinning-room, much visited by the ministers and state guests) , you will be impressed by the richly hand-crafted, amazingly comfortable beds.  It will take ages before the owner makes a benefit out of such an investment, as the rate is more than reasonable (starting from USD 65). All rooms are equipped with five star amenities, including minibar, safety box, large satellite plasma TV, and complimentary WiFi connection with a very good data speed compared on the Cambodian standards. The upper, “Paradise Floor” is very quiet, and usually reserved for individual and VIP guests. The service is surely the best in town with Victoria Angkor and Royal Temple Residence: assured by a well trained, smiling, English-speaking anticipating local staff, under the supervision of Piseth, the very active general manager who was always in the lobby checking how much guests enjoyed the hotel, what can be done to please them, providing individual travellers like us with captivating tips on how to explore his beloved country (Cambodian people are patriots, and love to promote the resources of their homeland).  We would say that the somehow unexpected big bonus of the Angkor Paradise is a relatively high popularity amongst five star tour operators (Kuoni for instance), providing the hotel with more than 90% of its guests. A proof of quality and security, it has another great advantage, which we enjoyed a lot: buses are catching the tourists form the lobby before 7am, bringing them back after sunset... during that long period of time, you have the whole hotel -staff, Palm Restaurant (good and great value for money) and swimming pool- only for your own, very personal use! One tip: do like us, and enjoy the excellent breakfast after 8:30am, once all the groups left the hotel; avoid the large though quite impersonal dinning room, and rather sit at the pool terrace, enjoying the view and the breeze of the fans over your head. That's the best way to start your day in style.

ANGKOR PARADISE HOTEL: National Road No.6, Phum Sala Kanseng, Sangkat Svay Dangkoum
KH-1700 Siem Reap
PHONE: +855 63 760 690 / 63 965 658         FACSIMILE: +855 63 760 691

MEMOIRE D’ANGKOR (****L): A top 10 luxury boutique hotel in Siem Reap, and certainly one of the best established, this refined property located half way between the Royal Residence, the riverside and Pub Street,  has all to please the individual travelers plus one memoire d'angkor best luxury boutique hotel in siem reap angkorbonus: the authentic Khmer sense of hospitality. Displaying that special atmosphere and service distinguishing Siem Reap from the rest of Cambodia.

The design combines a trendy contemporary touch, with deep purple colors sofas in the intimate lobby, and a highly reputed coffee shop and restaurant designed in a cool Californian style by famous home designer and artist Lim Muy Theam. A master in painting and lacquering, Theam gets inspiration from the humble, hard, but joyful and respectful peasant way of life. His artworks, dominated by red, gray and gold colors, ornate the public areas and the rooms.

We occupied a Memoire Suite, with a five-star bed (even Park Hyatt Siem Reap doesn’t provide such super-king-size mattresses!), a luxury bathroom opening to the bedroom, and a large living room equipped with a swinging sofa for a supreme relaxation. Like all the rooms at Memoire D’Angkor, luxury is refrained by a touch of Zen: more oriented on well-being than on bling. We appreciated the double air-conditioning network, with one unit in the living room and another in the bedroom. The rotating TV allows easy viewing from the bed and from the sofa. The Family Suite, with two separated bathrooms, is a best seller.  All categories come with classy hardwood flooring, and a personalized decoration; what makes the difference, actually, is the always generous size of the room.

The large and deep pool, with a separate safe-bathing area for children, boosts tropical plants, orchids, and frangipanis. We worked there every morning, installed on a large swinging sofa, under the fan of our gazebo. Much more pleasant than an open-space office…  High-speed WiFi is complimentary. Next to the pool, there is a really well equipped modern gym. And a SPA. Besides the traditional wellness treatments and relaxation massages, you may be brave enough and ask Mey, managing and training a team of golden handed masseuses, to personally take care of you. Thirty minutes of Khmer Rouge style torture restructured our body bellow our most optimistic expectation. He found in less than five minutes the origin of our pains and deficiencies, unstressed and oxygenated our muscles. Doing in a short time, and for a few dollars, what our European physiotherapist couldn’t achieve after one year of expensive treatments. Mey has clients all over the city, and regularly travel overseas to treat his patients. He is a key attraction at Memoire D’Angkor.

The Grill Wine Café, one of the favorite restaurants in Siem Reap by Tripadvisor, can be accessed directly from the hotel lobby. It serves a truly authentic, remarkable and valued for money Khmer cuisine, plus international dishes (great steaks and succulent sausages). We loved the coffee macaroon, even better than at Ladurée Paris, at only… one dollar!

This well-appointed hotel operates the world-class Sister Beauty Salon, frequented by expats (the manager is Canadian).

It is part of Memoire Hotels & Resorts.

MEMOIRE D’ANGKOR: #54 Sivatha Rd, Krong Siem Reap:
PHONE: +855 63 766 999     FACSIMILE: +855 063 768 999

MEMOIRE SIEM REAP (****L): Memoire d’Angkor sister hotel, located one  kilometer from the city center, and surrounded by picturesque local restaurants, this new hotel has the advantage of hosting mostly tourists on a visit to the nearby (8 km) Angkor Park. It is memoire siem reap best luxury boutique hotel in siem reap angkortherefore deserted from early morning, until evening: we had the whole staff pampering us, and the pool was ours all day long.

Quiet, immaculate, preciously designed by Theam, with certainly the most precious and impressive lobby marble flooring in all Cambodia (it reminded us of Hotel de Crillon in Paris, this little jewel has large rooms, beds with mattress, luxuriously appointed bathrooms, and the same hardwood flooring like at Memoire d’Angkor. We liked the lacquerware, the graceful color of the walls, and the size of the rooms: actually large for a boutique hotel.

Tamarind Restaurant is a good and affordable venue for Khmer Cuisine. There is a small SPA, where treatments are copied to those, excellent, at Memoire d’Angkor.

Management and staff are in a permanent contact with the guests, inquiring about their comfort and special requests which can be finalized on the spot. We are in Siem Reap, where hospitality reaches the Bangkok, Bali or Saigon highest standards.

A new address for an experienced, very professional sense of hospitality, it is on the tour catalogs of prestigious travel agencies like Kuoni (and doesn’t cater at all to large groups of Korean and Chinese tourists, targetted by a lot of hotels in Siem Reap…).

An ideal retreat for those who want to relax by the pool, this is one of the Memoire Hotels & Resorts.

MEMOIRE SIEM REAP: Terrazas Rd, Krong Siem Reap,
PHONE: +855 63 963 568,  +855 63 760 168

CAMBANA D'ANGKOR SUITES (****L): One of the most relaxing and welcoming boutique hotels in town, combining a spontaneous service, amazing Khmer design, and a superb F&B, destinated to some happy-few only: as it has only nine superlative rooms.  An emulation cambana d'angkor best boutique hotels siem reap angkor honeymoon romance luxuryof the Temples of Angkor awaited us, with a richly carved head-bed, sculpted door frames, a most attractive bathroom with a sumptuous stone tub and a labyrinthic shower hidden in a stoned corner. We felt like exploring a temple, just showering after a dusty tuk-tuk ride.

From the art items displayed in the room, till the blue light bathing our dreams into an enchanting atmosphere, everything was set for a Khmer prince at Cambana D'Angkor Suites. We loved the petals of rose displayed over our kingsize bed for a romantic welcome.  This is a dreamed place for a honeymoon (moreover if you book into the "Royal Suite"). We won't define Cambana D'Angkor Suites as a hotel, as it rather looks like a private villa, where we didn't interfere with the other guests visiting the temples. From morning until sunset we had the all house just for us. The pool, with its cool water (it is not exposed to the sun), is particularly soothing and classy. Extremely quiet, though facing the reception where the discreet and well-trained staff operates efficiently. There is an upper deck for sunbathing; but we preferred the large, tented poolside beds.

We liked the nicely designed “à la carte” menu, with the picture of all the available dishes. We preferred the mouth-watering Khmer menu, with gastronomic stews, and palatable rice noodle soups. The fruits platter is super fresh and generous with its portions, and the Danish pastries are home baked. Lunch and dinner in both restaurants are so affordable. Beverage also, with fair quality Australian wines available at only USD 11 by the bottle.

Excursions to the temples and the main tourist spots around Siem Reap can be organized by the concierge.

Designed for the individual travelers and the couples, the intimate Cambana D'Angkor Suites has a newly opened sister hotel: Cambana Residence

Cambana D'Angkor is permanently top ranked in Tripadvisor.

CAMBANA D'ANGKOR SUITES: National Road No.6, Salakanseng Village, Svay Dang Kum, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia.
PHONE: +855 63 765 840,   070 440 887,   012 215 708  FACSIMILE: +855 63 761 840


This modern resort, mixing Khmer contemporary design with a touch of French style, is more an annex than a competitor to the Cambana d'Angkor Suites sister hotel. Both hotels feature similar qualities, under the same management. We would camabana residence resort and spa best luxury boutique hotel in siem reap angkor cambodia asiarather recommend this pleasant property to the families: it is located just 200 meters away, in the same picturesque location, halfway between the city center and the temples.

We like the canal shaped pool, along with the pleasantly breezy restaurant-bar serving Khmer and international food. The choice and quality are the same as Cambana d'Ankor Suites. The daily Khmer Cooking Class is well attended. The 10 spacious suites
suites feature a living-room, with a large screen TV and a fully equipped kitchen with fridge and electric kettle. The awesome bedroom, designed in the modern Khmer style, are well lit and spacious. They all have a balcony with a stone hot-tub. Fitted for short and long stay alike, they are both practical and elegant, reminding us of a modern four-star serviced-apartment.

SPA treatments are available, with an extended and affordable menu.

CAMBANA RESIDENCE: National Road No.6, Salakanseng Village, Svay Dang Kum, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia.
PHONE: +855 12 677 392 ,   70 661 887,   70 644 168  FACSIMILE: +855 63 761 840

GRAND ELYSEE LA RESIDENCE (****L): The name is grand, but the hotel is deliciously boutique. Still on its soft opening, it is located in one of the relatively rural parts of Siem Reap, with Khmer wooden house, and lushly gardens. Providing a provincial atmosphere,  grand elysee la residence best luxury palace hotels boutique hotels siem reapunexpected so close to the Old French Quarter and Pub Street. It costs only two dollars by tuk-tuk to get to the touristy downtown. Though we would rather recommend to pay the same price, and rent a bicycle to inspect the exciting Sala Kamreuk district all around.

There is nothing French at Grand Elysée La Résidence: except the exquisite reverence of the service, with plentiful of staff for such a small luxury hotel. It has the Khmer attitude in term of kindness and smile. The lobby is a concentration of pretty faces, and this is one of the reasons why we would come back. Every time we came from excursions, covered with some dust and sweat, someone waited for us with a cold towel and one glass of complimentary ice tea from the Sampeah Lounge. We loved this awesome, spontaneous service.

The rooms are surprisingly large for a boutique. This is certainly what inspired the term “grand”. As clean as a Swiss clinic, with splendid bedding, a multi-speed ceiling fan which allowed us to switch off the air conditioning during the night and sleep better, pleasant natural light boosted by the volume and orientation to the sun, a colourful deep sofa, and nostalgic black white pictures of the Cambodia from the 1950s. All the amenities of luxury hotels are provided: minibar, complimentary Nespresso machine, and spacious bathroom. Though all the rooms are awesome, we would recommend the “Cabana Club” room, with a direct access to the lovely and quiet pool area. There are only three of them, and they tend to be booked in advance. There are two 120 sq.m
“Grand Suites” , and one “Penthouse Suite”: tailor-made for a family stay, with one King-Size bed and two single beds, and a large terrace with a view of the Phnom Krom mountain.

The small, fairly priced “A Manger” restaurant and “Bar de la Piscine”, opens to the perspective of the pool. It serves a simple and authentic Khmer and Pan-Asian cuisine, and a breakfast included in the most affordable room rate.

Le Spa at Grand Élysée La Résidence houses two couple-rooms. It has a complete menu of treatments relieving stress and rejuvenating the equilibrium of the body: Cambodian Dry Massage, Oil Massage Foot / Back  Full Body, etc. At very reasonable prices, starting from USD 35 per hour only.

Siem Reap 17254, Cambodia
PHONE: +855 63 76 99 77,   +855 95 76 99 77

SOLITAIRE DAMNAK VILLA (****): The lovely Kamreuk Resort Suites sister hotel is ideally nestled a few steps from Wat Damnak temple and Siem Reap Art Center. The Old French Quarter / Pub Street, located a couple of kilometers away via animated streets catering solitaire damnak villa boutique best luxury hotel siem reap angkorinexpensive local restaurants, can be reached within three minutes by tuk-tuk. There is a local Night Market a few blocks away. Making us in the heart of the action, yet enjoying the charm of what remains a picturesque local area with bucolic charm.

This little oasis in the middle of Siem Reap had all to please us. We discovered it in Spring 2019, after its complete refurbishment into an enchanting boutique hotel. It has no bling, but an authentic family atmosphere, cuddling service by the smiling staff, and homey accommodation. In the heart of the city, the hotel is extremely quiet, and we slept like a rock in our super comfy king-size bed.

Actually boutique, it has the atmosphere of a private villa with only 9 suites in total. Very quiet, they all have a balcony with a pleasant sitting area. We liked the cheerful design, with tasteful colors and a personal touch in each room. We spent delightful nights thanks to the premium bedding, quite unexpected in such a fairly priced hotel.

The indoor swimming pool is quite small, and flanked along the bar-lounge, adjacent to the lobby. Most of the guests spent the whole day touring Angkor Wat (a 15 minutes tuk-tuk ride), and we were the sole swimmers. Feeling like in a private summer house, indeed.

There are good and cheap massage parlors all around, but treatments, including aromatherapy and reflexology, can be managed by the hotel and eventually be included in money-saving packages.

We liked the complimentary English breakfast in the lovely Prasat restaurant, along with the convenience of free airport pick-up service. Pirath, the friendly and efficicient GM (he is also in charge of
Kamreuk Resort Suites) knows everything and everyone in Siem Reap and the region: he is a source of inspiration for out of the beaten path excursions and secret addresses!

SOLITAIRE DAMNAK VILLA:  Group 07, Wat Damnak Village, Sala Komreok Commune, Siem Reap 17254, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 63 766 407,       +855 12 409 603

The hotel is ranked three stars superior, as the rooms are slightly simpler and smaller compared with its newest sister hotels, Golden Temple Residence and Golden Temple Retreat; but our experience was the same, with a top location, golden temple hotel best luxury hotels in siem reapdesign, comfort, service, and management worth at  least four star.

A ten-minute walk, or a three-minute tuk-tuk lift to the Old Market and “Pub Street”, make this family-oriented boutique hotel actually urban. Check-in is five-star: we received the same totally unique treatment like in the superior hotels of the group. Fresh perfumed towel, and that lavish “welcome kit” presented on a silver tray, with carved silver plates, bowls, and glass: lemongrass tea, mango sticky rice marinated in a banana leave, fresh fruit cuts, grilled peanuts with garlic and basil... The “low-cost” Golden Temple experience extends to the complimentary refreshments at the lovely Khmer style pool with a really powerful Jacuzzi, the brand new Apple computers accessible free of charge at the reception, and the staff with the signature attitude... So well trained. Anticipating each need. Addressing us by our name.

The 29 rooms are actually pleasant. Which hotel of that category (and rate) is equipping all rooms with a Samsung Curved Screen Smart TV (with YouTube, NetFlix...), designer bathroom, and finest bedding? Don't search... Only Golden Temple Hotel does it. We liked the small terrace with pool view. Everything has been sought off to make us feel like living at the shadow of the Temples. We imagine the tourist freshly landed from Paris, London or New York, discovering such a dreamed resort with many wows!

Thumbs up to the extravagance of F&B at the poolview restaurant, specializing in Royal Khmer cuisine. At breakfast (included in the room rate), few boutique hotels can afford such a quality buffet, with the same dim-sum, fruits, fresh bakery, savory delicatessen, and cheese, as in the Golden Temple Residence and Retreats. We enjoyed one dinner there, and still remember the quality of the chicken curry cooked with local vegetable, and the BBQ meats. They have set menu which is really affordable. Though there was no Apsara dance show that night, the sala-style dining-room was full; which is noticeable, as most of the hotel restaurants in Siem Reap can't keep the clients after 6 pm, when everyone heads to “Pub Street”. This is a sign of particular quality, also explained by the fair value of a dinner (around USD 15 with one glass of local beer) Those staying more than two nights should experience the nearby Preah Peay restaurant, under the same management as the hotel: it has the best Royal Khmer Cuisine and Apsara show in all Cambodia!

There is no good hotel without a SPA. Small but convenient, with a selection of 100% Khmer treatments at a reasonable price, Senpidor is as reputed in town as the other massage parlors operated by the Golden Temple group in the Old Market area, which we always preferred for the professionalism of the staff and their serious reputation.

GOLDEN TEMPLE HOTEL: Wat Damnak, Sala Kamreuk, Siem Reap Kingdom of Cambodia.
PHONE: +855 63 967 996   FACSIMILE: +855 63 761 222


CHHAY LONG ANGKOR BOUTIQUE (****): The intimate, atypical lobby, with its collection of statues of Buddha, makes this delicious property different from the boutique hotels mushrooming in Siem Reap. It is still in its soft opening, with all the bonuses involved in chhay long best luxury cheap boutique hotels in siem reap best rank tripadvisor close to temples pub streeta new hotel. Miss Ponn, the manager, worked for Accor and Raffles. She trained her anticipating staff accordingly to her five-star experience. Launching a hotel pairs with an enthusiasm, which we found everywhere and everytime at Chhay Long.

The rooms are spacious (from 38 sq.m) and tastefully designed. Contrasting with the simplicity of the lobby, they transported us in a modern transposition of the temples of Angkor atmosphere. Quiet and intimate, equipped with a very comfy king-size bed, they all feature Smart LCD TV, allowing to watch YouTube and the best Internet streaming. From our experience, only the plush Golden Temple five-star hotels bring this technology to their rooms. There is, of course, WiFi, and well-stocked minibar. The awesome bathrooms have rain shower with a  powerful water pressure: which still comes as a luxury in Siem Reap. What we actually loved in the rooms are the artistic drawings applied directly on the wall by valued artists, and depicting scenes of the Khmer life and traditions. In our room, it was painted in gold over a deep blue support, which we found extremely classy. The same fresco, on a larger display, decorates the attractive pool, within a patio next to the welcoming Morodock SPA, lobby, and restaurant.

A place for a simple, traditional, savory Khmer cuisine, the “Blue Lotus” has a name reminding us of the Adventures of Tintin, in a nostalgic Orient still preserved in the magic city of Siem  Reap. The specialties are the mirror of the hotel itself: family oriented, served by the kindest -and prettiest- waitresses ever. This is the place for a good -and safe- pork BBQ, Fish Amok, and tempting vegetarian dishes. It is, in term of price, on par with the small restaurants all around: definitely inexpensive. And the memorable kindness of the staff is priceless. A good breakfast is served at “Blue Lotus”, with an authentic Khmer orientation.

Miss Ponn wants to rise her boutique hotel to the level of a five star in term of services, yet charging a discounted four-star rate. Checking the enthusiastic reviews in and Tripadvisor shows that she already reached her aim.

If you like being pampered like in a private Khmer house, this is the best, very central address.

CHHAY LONG ANGKOR BOUTIQUE: Steung Thmei, Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +85563 766 515

Centrally located, a five-minute walk to Pub Street, this mid-range touristic hotel offers many bonuses. Quietly settled at the bottom end of a lane, it is surprisingly calm. Many rooms have a large, colonial-style balcony, equipped with mekong angkor palace best cheap budget luxury hotels siem reap angkorcomfy chairs and a small table. It has much staff in the reception area, and housekeeping is one of the most efficient in Siem Reap: we had our room cleaned every day just back from breakfast, while much more chic hotels do the job in the afternoon. Last but not least, the value for money is excellent: though the three-star superior rooms starting from USD 25 are still a little bit shabby, the refurbished deluxe section is nicer, with ritzy marble bathrooms, plus a stone-tub in the large and elegant rooms.

We occupied one of them. The rate was approximately USD 50. Quite attractive in this area where the heart of the city beats day and night. Including breakfast, which we enjoyed at poolside, rather than in the quite impersonal restaurant. We liked the extremely comfortable, actually five-star kingsize mattress. The colonial-style furniture. Lots of plugs to use our PC and charge our telephone. And a good WiFi signal everywhere. We noted that the charge for laundry was only one dollar per kilogram. Actually, everything was perfect at Mekong Angkor Palace. With a special mention to the secluded pool, and the small garden connecting to the newly beautified lobby.

The pretty receptionists, dressed in Khmer silk uniform, are so welcoming and efficient. At least two of them, often more, were permanently on duty. Contrary to many mid-range hotels in Siem Reap, they never keep the guest waiting.

Thumbs up to this efficient, impeccable hotel which will satisfy the tourist visiting the temples (there is a tour operator at guests' disposal in the lobby). Our tip to couples: for a slightly higher rate, consider the honeymoon-oriented Cambana D'Angkor Suites, under the same excellent management.

MEKONG ANGKOR PALACE: #021, Sivatha Blvd, Svay Dangkum Commune, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 63 96 36 36


SALASARA (****):
One of the top 20 best hotels in Siem Reap according to Tripadvisor and most reliable guest rating. We enjoyed a relaxing and extremely pleasant stay in this secluded hotel, located not far to the action (Pub Street can be reached by a short walk).

This lush oasis of tranquility has multiple qualities.

The most appreaciated one is the staff. Young, as anticipating and refined as in a five-star hotel, it boosts this natural kindness which gives secret pavilion best luxury cheap boutique hotels in siem reap best rank tripadvisor close to temples pub streetthe envy to come back, again and again. This is surely the reason why Salasara has got so many regular guests: treated like members of the family by Dany, the enthusiastic GM, and his nice looking feminine staff who always greeted us joining hands for a gracious Sampeah, brought us fresh perfumed napkins each time we came back from a ride, and so proud to know a few words in our language (French). This obviously lucky and much involved team is fluent in English.

The hotel is three-star superior with its first category of
Superior rooms: simple, yet offering convenient space and comfort. Perfect for those on two days tour to the nearby temples. Should you come for romance or relaxation, this is the ideal hotel. Just rather book a “Deluxe” room, designed like pleasant pavilions, set on the ground floor along a green alley, next to the superb swimming pool with its artistic Khmer frescoes. We liked the gold and red lacquerware over our large bed: it gives much character to the rooms. There is a large sofa, which can host a third person or children. The bathroom is also appealing, with discreet mosaics and a black stone sink. That category of rooms, with a private relaxation area al fresco (ideal for smokers), ranks in the four-star category, yet surprisingly fairly priced. This explains why this is one of the few hotels in Siem Reap showing high occupancy during the low season.

The laundry and minibar are inexpensive. Each room has a Samsung flat screen TV, complimentary tea/coffee facility, and WiFi.

The Sala Restaurant & Bar area, next to the reception, is smart and convivial. With long flowered sofas and small tables with a view of the surrounding greenery. Prices are copied on those at pub street. We noticed, after visiting a dozen of four star hotels, that the average bill for a draft beer was USD 3; here it costs only USD 1. Most of the dishes are around USD 5. This is a simple local cuisine, with much savor and lightness. The chicken broth with lemongrass is actually delicious. The breakfast is a la carte, copious and yummy.

There was a SPA under construction during our visit in May 2017.

Those looking for a warm, relaxed hotel at a fair price, and lots of smiles and plenty of kindness will love this urban boutique hotel at first sight.

SALASARA: 120, Angkor Night Market Street, Stueng Thmei Village, Krong Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE: +855 87 756 168     

ANGKOR BOUTIQUE TROPIC HOTEL (****): One of the most lovable boutique hotels in Siem Reap, with a superb location at the bottom end of a straight path, surrounded by local houses in a natural environment. We are on the road to Angkor, accessible within only 5 minutes by bicycle or tuk-tuk. The Angkor National Museum is a  10-minute walk away.

We liked the human size and awesome display of the hotel, featuring only 20 rooms. All with pool view, and half of them with a direct access angkor boutique tropic hotels best boutique hotels siem reap angkor cambodiato the landscaped gardens. We stayed in an attractive room at the first (and top) floor, with a large terrace, comfortable garden furniture, and a panorama of the rich flora surrounding the neighboring Khmer wooden houses. Due to the low occupency in Siem Reap during the rainy season, we swam and relaxed alone on our sundeck almost all the time. Giving us the impression to stay in a private house. The design is classy, actually residential. The stones over the façade, the little bit old-fashion design of the really beautiful and large salt-water pool, the discreet yet always responsive staff: all participated in making us feel like hosted by old friends in their villa on the French Riviera. That was a most pleasant impression.

The rooms are large, tastefully decorated with a classy silk bedhead and cushions, small Khmer popular-art items on display next to the flat screen TV, a double sofa, and a small safety box. The spacious bathroom has a shower plus a king-size ocean-blue tub. The flowered-shape sink brings an extra note of unexpected elegance in such an affordable hotel, where a room costs between USD 30 and 60, depending on the season.

There is a small, inexpensive restaurant opposite to the pool, serving a homey Khmer and Thai cuisine, with some international dishes.

“2017 Travellers' Choice” by Tripadvisor, this family run business, managed by Bruce, a Scotsman, and the charming Pukky, ambassadress of the legendary Thai hospitality, shines like a treasure of kindness and tranquility in the center of Siem Reap.

ANGKOR BOUTIQUE TROPIC HOTEL: Angkor Road or Pokambor Azv, Siem Reap 17259, Kingdom of Cambodia
PHONE:  +855 63 966 399 ,  +855 99 999 735      FACSIMILE: +855 63 966 299     








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